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Buckley Society Magazine Issue Five: Buckley Clay Tobacco Pipes by Bentley, Davey and Harrison"



Buckley Society Magazine Issue Five, October 1979

p.15 - 22

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by James Bentley, Peter J. Davey and H. Martin Harrison

illus 7 - 12


7-10. Well-made bowls in imported clay; all 6/64". These are close to Chester forms G, J, K (8) and are of the type which often had decorated stems.(9) Nos. 7 and 8 are related to Broseley Types 6A and 6B,(10) but nos 9 and 10 are more slender and elegant than published parallels from that source. Made either in Chester or Buckley, 1700-30.


11. Broken bowl and stem with leaf pattern over the moulding on the back of the bowl; pointed spur marked WB; 5/64". This is a product of the factory of William Boynton of Chester which was working between 1870 and 1916. It was situated just outside the Newgate on the site of what is now the Roman Garden.(11)


12. A well-smoked example of a late spurred pipe; 5/64", Made in London either by Adolph or David Posener of Mansell Street, London, between 1866 and 1899. (12) Atkinson (in correspondence) notes the same mark from a rubbish deposit at Bow dating from 1870-80, and similar marks at other sites from 1890-1900.





Author: Bentley, J., P. Davey, H. Harrison


Year = 1850

Work = Light Industry

Extra = Pre 1900

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