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Buckley Society Magazine Issue Five: Buckley Clay Tobacco Pipes by Bentley, Davey and Harrison"



Buckley Society Magazine Issue Five, October 1979

p.15 - 22

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by James Bentley, Peter J. Davey and H. Martin Harrison

Illus 4 - 6


4. Well-made bowl in local clay with highly-polished surfaces and fine shining lines; square stamp divided into three horizontal bars, marked THO/MAS/HEYS, on a tailed heel; irregularly placed milling; 6/64" Broseley Type 5 bowl. (7) Made in Buckley, 1680-1720.


5. Bowl as 4, marked IERE/HATC/HETT: 6/64"; probably Buckley, 1680-1720.


6. Bowl as 4, marked TH in a simple square frame; 6/64"; Buckley, 1680-1720.



Author: Bentley, J., P. Davey, H. Harrison


Year = 1700

Work = Light Industry

Extra = Pre 1900

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