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Buckley Society Magazine Issue Five: Frontispiece: Advertisement from a Buckley Jubilee Programme"

Liverpool House, Brunswick Road, Buckley


Buckley Society Magazine Issue Five, October 1979: Frontispiece




Peace in South Africa

and Coronation Festivities


J. A. Marshall

of Liverpool House, Buckley

is making Special Reductions all round to celebrate the same, having

one of the finest and best-stocked shops in North Wales,

and buying direct from best firms.

Defy Competition

Compare the following with Store prices:


Finest Creamery Butter, 10d. and 1/- per lb.

Hams, small lean Cumberland, 6 1/2d. per lb.

(This article is worth your attention, being now cheaper than bacon).

Cheese, good, 6d.

Pure Lard, 6d.

Sugar, 1 1/2d. per lb.

Tea, really good, 1/4 & 1/6. Try 1/4 lb. sample

Flour (Frost's), good household, 10lbs. 1/-

2lb. jars Plum Jam, 4 1/2d.

2lb. jars Plum and Apple Jelly, 4 1/2d.

Pickles, 40 oz. bottles only 7 1/2d.

" 12 oz. " 3 1/2d.

Rice (Chicken), 2 lbs. 2 1/2d.

Rice (good pudding), 1 1/2d.


Give us a call when passing, and we will post you up in prices


Finest Smoked and Pale Bacon

and Creamery Butter

Our well-known specialities


J. A. Marshall

Grocer, and Provision, Corn and Flour Dealer.



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