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Letter from Charles Davison Co Limited to the Schoolmaster of the Council School Northop Hall abou"

Ewloe Barn Brickworks, Buckley

2 January 1933



2nd Jan, 1933.

The Schoolmaster

Council School, Northop Hall, Flints


Dear Sir,

Will you please send us some boys of fourteen to fifteen years of age (but not turned sixteen years of age) at 10.0 am. any morning to try for the post of junior clerk in our offices.


Our requirements are simple. They are:

(1) That the boy should be clean and respectable and come from a respectable home.

(2) That the boy should be able to add correctly a column of pounds, shillings and pence, twenty high.

(3) That he should be able to write to dictation in a legible hand and with not more than 2% of mis-spelled words.


Last summer holidays some dozen or more boys were sent to us for trial, ranging from fourteen to seventeen years of age, none of whom could pass this simple test; a sad commentary on the millions of pounds the Country spends on elementary and secondary education.


Three of these boys we have tried for prolonged periods in the actual office work, but they were so incorrect in their work and badly grounded, that we have had to stop them, and make another trial to get a boy properly grounded in the barest rudiments of arithmetic, writing and spelling.


The boys sent should not be farther off than two or three miles radius, so that they could bicycle easily to their work.


The wages offered to commence, for a boty of fourteen to fifteen years of age, are 11/- per week; with a rise each year.

Yours truly

Charles Davison & Co. Limited

Author: Davison, Charles


Year = 1933

Month = January

Day = 2

Document = Letter

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = 1930s

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