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Miner's Lamp Tally for Llay Main belonging to Harry Evans - National Coal Board"

Llay Main Colliery


Harry Evans worked at Llay Main Colliery and this is his lamp tally. He used to live in 5, Mill Lane and 8, Frith Cottages, Brunswick Road. Frith Cottages stood where the Factory Shop is today (2007). Mr Frith carried coal in a horse and cart. Harry Evans was John (Jabez) Evans' brother. See 6.88.


National Coal Board (NCB)

Llay Main Colliery (LMC)

No. 1739


The lamp is handed out when the tally is handed in. This system stood as a roll call for those underground.

Author: Anon


Year = 1950

Object = Tools & Equipment

Work = Mining

Extra = 1950s

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