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Advertisement in the Souvenir Programme for a Grand Bazaar held at Saint Matthew's Schools"

Cross, Buckley

6 June 1906

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The Finest Tonic & Restorative in the World

Six Gold Medals Awarded


One Medical Man in every five throughout the United Kingdom has placed on record his opinion that Coleman's Wincarnis is unrivalled for recuperating the system, and for regaining lost health.


Be guided by the Incorruptible Testimony of over 8,000 Medical Men.


Sample Bottle sent on receipt of 3d. in stamps to cover carriage.


Is an elegant combination of Choice, Liebig's Extract of Meat, and Fine Extract of Malt. It is the original preparation, and none of its imitations approach it in physiological value.


Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers-

Coleman & Co, Ltd., Norwich.


Sold by Robert Barker, Cash Chemist, The Cross, Buckley.

Author: Hayes, Henry


Year = 1906

Month = June

Day = 6

Building = Commercial

Document = Ephemera

Work = Shops

Extra = 1900s

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