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Facsimile of Inscription on a Memorial Stone in Saint John's Churchyard"

Saint John's United Reformed Church, Buckley


Facsimile of Inscription on a Stone in the Congregational Graveyard in 'Buckley and District' by Thomas Cropper (p.70)

See 220.14 for a photo of the stone.




This testimonial

to the memory of

Wycliffe who died 1384

Cranmer 1556

Ridley 1555

Latimer 1555

Hopper 1555

Coverdale 1568

Knox 1572

Grotius 1648

Calvin 1564

Luther 1537

Arminius 1609

Wesley 1791


Hall Robinson

Armitage Whyte Reynolds

Luke Thorpe Knill Bridgeman


Lewis Jenkin Wrexham

Miss Prscot kept a day

school where Peter Jones's

tavern is. Her father

Batholomew heard Whitfield

preach under the sycamore

a mile nearly north from this place

Mr Sellers of Chester with a

few friends came in a boat to

Sandycroft then up to Hawarden

to preach where he was shamefully

abused bad eggs &c thrown at him

Author: Cropper, Thomas


Year = 1922

Building = Religious

Event = Funeral

Extra = Pre 1900

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