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Buckley Amateur Pantomime Company's Programme for 'Aladdin': cast etc."

Tivoli, Brunswick Road, Buckley

January 1934

In order to see all the entries for the 1934 Aladdin programme, under CAPTION enter "Aladdin" and under date enter " 1934". The main entry with cast details etc. is 139.44 (this one)


Below is the text of the image and further details of personnel in the programme plus a letter from the committee by the secretary, H. F. Beavan.







Present "ALADDIN"


A Pantomime in Three Acts, and Nine Scenes.


Written and Produced by DENNIS GRIFFITHS.


Cast in order of Entry


Fairy Hyacinth Katie Peters

Demon Discontent Joe Roberts

Widow Twankey Dick Catherall

Tommy Toff Peter Wilcock


Abanazar Frank Roberts

Mustapha Jimmy Duffield

Esmeralda Winnie Humphreys

Slave of the Ring Harry Dolby

Slave of the Lamp Marion Hannaby

Princess Phi Phi Peggy Hughes

Sultan of Sultania Harry Phillips

Imp Twinkletoes Enid Rowlands

Imp Silverbell Gwennie Davies

Sprite Doris Howell

Tin Soldier Soloist Gwynydd Harry

Tenor Solos by Mr Sydney Peters.


Musical Director, Mr DENNIS GRIFFITHS

Dances by Mrs Richardson. Mrs P Wilcock & Miss D Gibson

(Junior Group) by Miss Helena Griffiths, A.L.C.M

Sequence Direction by Mrs P Wilcock.


Scenic Synopsis.




Scene 1 .. Gloomland

" 2 .. Widow Twankey Laundry

" 3 .. A Street in Pekin

" 4 .. The Laundry

" 5 .. The Woodlands




" 6 .. The Cave (outside)

" 7 .. The Cave (inside)




Scene 8 .. The Palace (outside)

" 9 .. The Palace (inside)


Scenery by Messrs H Parker, C Peters, J & T Hughes

(The Street in Pekin Scene from the original London production of 'Hit The Deck')


Electrical Control and Effects by Mr C Wilcock

Business and Publicity Manager, Mr T Owen

Stage Manager - for the Company - Mr O D Hayes, in co-operation with

Resident Stage Manager, Mr A Lewis

Property Manager. Mr J C Griffiths

Wardrobe by Mrs D Griffiths and Mrs R E Williams, assisted by the Ladies Sewing Committee.

Prompter - Mr R E Williams.


MEN'S CHORUS…W Williams, F Peters, T Fitzgerald, I Griffiths, N Croose, H Kendrick,

G Ellis, E Jenkins.


GIRLS (Senior) CHORUS…Phyllis Griffiths, Dora Williams, Bessie Jones, Selina Wilson,

Kathleen Jones, Alice Buckley, Miriam Tudor, Olga Bellis, Brenda Griffiths, Margery Ellis,

Mary Stanley


INTERMEDIATE GIRLS…Kathleen Rowlands, Edith Griffiths, Dilys Powell, Megan Roberts, Gwynydd Messham, Mary Iball, June Ruckledge, Nancy Arrowsmith, Florrie Edwards, Maggie Williams, Amelia Holmes, Gwynydd Harry, Phyllis Davies, Phyllis Mullard, Eveline Price, Hilda Bell, Gwen Williams, Annie Evans, Rhona Williams, Nellie Messham, Peggy Peters, Connie Parry, Bessie Jones.


MADAME RICHARDSON'S TAP & TOE DANCERS… Gwynydd Wainwright, Winnie Connah, Nellie Roberts, Olive Peters, Margaret Griffiths, Olga Holmes.


JUNIOR CHORUS…Myra Price, Doreen Roberts, Gaynor Piercy, Audrey Arrowsmith,

Dorothy Hill, Doreen Roberts, Dorothy Mole, June Dyment, Betty Messham, Nancy Jones, Hazel Jones, Olive Dugdale, Gwenda Stanley, Nora Arrowsmith,Esther Fellows, Mary Lewis, Mary Thompson, Eileen Moore, Vivian Hughes, Florence Grindley, Margaret Burkhill, Beryl Catherall, Winifred Griffiths, Gwennie Jones, Dwynwen Evans, Florence Hodgson, Jessie Roberts.


The Orchestra


Violins … E Owen Spain, H E Rowlands, S Davies, H Shone, N Humphreys, N T Cropper

Cello…… J W Ellis Bass…..T N Cropper

Sax. and Violin … R Butler Sax. and Oboe….. Miss M J Key

Trumpets… J Griffiths, H Wilcock

Trombone.. N Griffiths Drums, etc…..H Cudworth

Piano…. Miss Helena Griffiths, A.L.C.M.




Chairman, W. HANNABY, Esq


Hon.Sec. H. F. Beavan


Hon. Treas. T. N. Cropper


Ladies and Gentlemen,


The Pantomime Committee take this opportunity of thanking one and all for the support accorded to the various efforts promoted during the past year and for your attendance at this year's Pantomime.


By the various efforts, sufficient funds, it is hoped, have been raised to stage the show and to ensure that the whole of our share of the proceeds shall go to charity. We hope that this amount will again constitute a record.


Added local interest must undoubtedly be assured by the fact that this year's Pantomime 'ALADDIN' has been written by our Producer & Musical Director, -



In the words of Barnum of Circus fame, it is 'bigger and better than ever.' Might we ask that, having seen the performance, you tell your friends, so that they may not leave it too late.


Thanking you,

For and on behalf of the Committee,

H. F. BEAVAN, Hon. Sec.



Author: Buckley Amateur Pantomime Company


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