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Ystrad Alun Issue Five: The Story of Llong Chapel by Quentin R.H. Dodd: illus...Owen Jones' Daughters"

Greenhill Farm, Mynydd Isa

October 1916

see 110.1 for article "The Story of Llong Independent Chapel" by Quentin R. H. Dodd in Ystrad Alun, Journal of The Mold Civic Society: Cylchgrawn Cymdeithas Ddinesig Yr Wyddgrug: Nadolig 2004 Christmas. See 28.330, 85.13, 85.14, 110.2, 4 and 5 for the illustrations accompanying the article.

When this was taken Owen Jones' daughters were the following ages:


Left to Right:

Elizabeth (Bessie) 18

Sarah (Lally) 42

Eliza 25

Emily 28

Margaretta 19

Author: Anon


Year = 1916

Month = October

Gender = Female

People = Group

Extra = Fashion

Extra = Formal Portrait

Extra = 1910s

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