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Adverts (p.17) in the Buckley Amateur Pantomime Company's Programme for 'Aladdin'"

January 1934

In order to see all the entries for the 1934 Aladdin programme, under CAPTION enter "Aladdin" and under date enter " 1934". The main entry with cast details etc. is 139.44




Be prepared for the cold weather

Buy your "Valor" & "Beatrice" Heating Stoves,

Hot Water Bottles, &c.

From E. and C. Duckworth

Agent for "Pifco" "Aladdin" and "Famos" Incandescent

Mantle Lamps and Sundries-

Electric Lamps and Fancy Shades

Gas Globes and Mantles

"Cosy Fire" Well Grates

Hearth Furniture of every description

Call with your next enquiries at

78, Brunswick Road, Buckley



J. Griffiths


Baker & Confectioner

London House

Brunswick Road, Buckley

Swiss Rolls and Pastries a Speciality

Van Deliveries daily to all parts of the district


Earthenware & garden pots

Henry Hayes

Old Ewloe Pottery, Buckley

Established 1760


Author: Buckley Amateur Pantomime Company


Year = 1934

Month = January

Building = Commercial

Document = Ephemera

Work = Shops

Extra = 1930s

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