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Adverts (p.7) in the Buckley Amateur Pantomime Company's Programme for 'Aladdin'"

Fern Leigh, Brunswick Road, Buckley

January 1934

In order to see all the entries for the 1934 Aladdin programme, under CAPTION enter "Aladdin" and under date enter " 1934". The main entry with cast details etc. is 139.44




Ladies & Gentlemen

Have you started the New Year well by Visiting

Thomas Jones

Proprietor: A. Iball

Fern Leigh, Brunswick Road, Buckley

and our New Branch at

The Highway, Hawarden


For Ladies:

Marlbeck & Peach Coats, Costumes and Dresses

Twilfit and Kestos Corsetry

Bondor & Bear Brand Hosiery

Chilpruf, Minster and Vedonis Underwear


For Gentlemen:

Sandom and Burberry Coats and Raincoats

Old England & Radiac Shirts and Collars

Minster, Wolsey and Meridian Underwear and Hosiery


Together with a large selection of HOUSEHOLD GOODS.

Scotch Inlaids, printe Linos, Squares, Carpets, Rugs and Mattings of every description

Visit our Warehouse for your Selection of Furniture

For Quality and Value



Author: Buckley Amateur Pantomime Company


Year = 1934

Month = January

Building = Commercial

Document = Ephemera

Work = Shops

Extra = 1930s

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