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Fred Sharpe in the Buckley Carnival"

Mill Lane, Buckley


Fred Sharpe was born in Stanley Road and lived in Northop Hall. He went to buy a pony by the current Beaufort Park Hotel in New Brighton and came back with a gypsy wife. He later divorced her and married her sister. He worked for Manweb.


Fred used to take a a couple of horses to Appleby Horse Fair in 1970s. One village refused to give him a bucket of water for the horses to drink.


One of the jobs he did for Manweb was to install electricity to a remote smallholding in the Black Mountains. Two visits to check the apparent lack of use on the meter resulted in asking the inhabitants what they thought of the new electricity supply. "Oh, it's grand. We come in, switch it on, trijm the lamps and then switch it off again! It's far too bright to use. I don't use it in the cowshed - light's too bright and dazzles the cows!!"

Author: Shone, Keith


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