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Letter from Frank Hurlbutt, Director of Charles Davison Co. Ltd., to Jacob Griffiths concerning his new job at Ewloe Barn Brickworks"

Ewloe Barn Brickworks, Buckley

26 November 1909


see 140.7 for his retirementt letter


Ewloe Barn. Buckley, Nr. Chester

14th October 1921



Mr. John Mitchell, 106, St. Domingo Vale, Liverpool.



Advt. R 20, "Manchester Guardian", Shorthand Typist and general office clerk.

We have your application of 30th ult., which we have not replied to before as we were trying a young man for the post.

The only thing we are doubtful about in your letter is whether you are an experienced shorthand-typist, capable of doing at least 90 words per minute taking-down in shorthand from dictation, and at least 40 words per minute typing. Can you do this? The machines in our office are Remington and Oliver.

Perhaps you will let us hear from you on this point, and also as to the earliest time you could start work in the event of engagement.

We presume you are unmarried.

We want you to thoroughly understand that this situation is at a Firebrick and Tile Works quite in the country. There are no town amenities beyond those of the small manufacturing town of Buckley.

Good comfortable lodging can be obtained for an unmarried man at the foreman's house at our Old Ewloe Works. This is about a mile off the office. Our foreman charges 26/- a week for board, lodging and washing.

The general office work here consists chiefly of shipping and forwarding work, and making-up and checking wage-books.

But the essential thing is to be a quick and accurate shorthand-typist, as the principal work is to take down correspondence in shorthand, and type same from your short script quickly and accurately.

Hours are for week-days from 9 to 12, 1 to completion of office work, which varies, but usually averages about 5.30 p.m. Saturdays 9 to completion of work, which is generally about one o'clock. It is, however, understood that any work there is to be done must be finished.

In the event of engagement, we should want you to commence at 9 o'clock on Thursday morning, 20th inst., and we presume you could do this?

Salary is, as advertised, 60/- per week.

It is understood that our Office Staff does not join or belong to any guild or union.

If the post suits you, please let us hear from you by return of post, and give references.

Awaiting your reply,

Yours truly. Charles Davison and Co. Ltd.

F.Hurlbutt, Director.

Author: Hurlbutt, Frank 2


Year = 1909

Month = November

Day = 26

Building = Industrial

Document = Letter

Landscape = Industrial

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = 1900s

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