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Hawarden Castle Estate Agreement for Tenancy for Alfred Connah"

New Road, Pentrobin, Buckley

19 October 1908

Memorandum of Agreement made the 10th day of May 1920


Between……..Captain Albert Charles Gladstone…………

(hereinafter called the Landlord) of the one part and…..Alfred Connah --------

(hereinafter called the Tenant) of the other part.


WHEREBY THE LANDLORD agrees TO LET and the Tenant agrees to take the messuage,

buildings, gardens, lands and premises called --------------------------

containing altogether in statute measure 7.743 acres or thereabouts

situate in the Parish of….Hawarden ….in the County of …Flint………..

and late in the occupation of …..Alfed Connah aforesaid ……………..

more particularly described in the Schedule hereto.


TO HOLD as to all the land (except an outlet to be appointed by the Landord or his agent) from the Second day of February (which shall be deemed to be the commencement of the tenancy) and as to the messuage, buildings, garden and outlet from the first day of May, 19 ,as Tenant thereof from year to year until the tenancy shall be determined at the end of the first or any subsequent year of the tenancy by either party giving to the other or leaving at his usual or last place of abode on or before the Second day of…..August..., a half year's notice in writing.


THE LANDLORD reserves the game, nests and eggs of game, wildfowl and fish (subject to the provisions of the Ground Game Act, 1880), all timber and other trees, pollards and saplings, all mines and minerals, sand, gravel, stone and clay, together with liberty for himself or his deputies to enter upon the premises, and there to shoot hunt course fish fell dig for mine and carry away the same at any time. Also rights of way across any parts of the farm to all woods and plantations, and to other property, belonging to the Landlord. Also the power to take such parts of the said lands as he may require for plantations, roads, buildings, getting minerals, or other works or improvements without notice, providing such land does not exceed one acre in extent, and on giving one month's notice if it exceeds that quantity, making reasonable compensation to the Tenant for growing crops (if any) and a reasonable deduction in the rent for the area taken.




1. TO PAY the clear yearly rent of……………..Twenty pounds ……by two equal half yearly payments on the 25th day of March and the 29th day of September in every year (the first payment to be made on the 29th day of September, 1920) except after notice to quit has been given or received, when the last half year's rent shall become due and payable on the first day of January then following.


2. TO PAY the land tax and all rates and taxes (except the Landlord's property tax and tithe rent charge).


3. NOT TO assign or underlet the whole or any part of the premises without the written consent of the Landlord, and to reside constantly upon the premises.


4. TO PRESERVE the game, nests and eggs of game, wildfowl and fish, and to prevent trespass upon the premises in pursuit of game; to preserve all trees and saplings from being cropped or injured, and to prevent any footpaths being made.


5. NOT TO allow thistles and docks to seed; not to plough or break up the meadow or old pasture fields; not to mow any of the meadow land more than once in any one year; not to take more than two white straw crops in succession; not to sell or remove any farmyard manure from the premises but to apply it to the same; to keep the farm well and sufficiently stocked, and generally to manage the land in a good and husbandlike manner and keep the land clean and in good heart and condition.


6. TO DO all cartage work for repairs and new buildings; to keep and leave the house buildings fences hedges ditches and drains in good order and condition; to keep outfalls of drains clear; to paper paint and whiten the interior of the farm house as may be required; to limewash the interior of the farm buildings occupied by stock at least once in each year, and to repair broken glass to windows.


7. TO GIVE up possession of all the land (except a convenient outlet to be appointed by the Landlord or his Agent), on the Second day of February, and of the said messuage buildings and outlet on the First day of May next respectively following the notice to quit, in such state of repair cultivation and management as shall be consistent with the due observance of the conditions herein, and to pay compensation for all acts and omissions whereby the farm or any part thereof shall not be in such state at quitting.


8. In the last year of the tenancy to sow at least…………………. acres of corn crop immediately following a bare or cropped fallow, with good grass and clover seeds and not to graze such seeds after the First day of November following; not to sow more than………………acres of the land with wheat or other offgoing crops, and not to claim or be entitled to a greater proportion of the said offgoing wheat crop than two thirds part on summer fallowed land and one half on all other land, such share to be threshed and removed from the premises on or before the 29th day of September then following; to plough all stubbles and to permit the Landlord or incoming tenant to sow clover and grass seeds on the land sown with the offgoing wheat crops.


9. NOT TO sell or dispose of any part of the hay straw or green crops grown on the premises during the last year of the tenancy, without the Landlord's permission in writing, and on giving up possession to leave unconsumed a suitable proportion (but not more) of the last year's hay straw and manure for the use of the Landlord or incoming tenant. Except as above to make an equivalent manorial return in purchased manure, or feeding stuffs or by consuming home-grown corn by stock other than horses regularly employed on the holding, for all hay straw or fodder of any sort sold or removed off the premises.


10. To provide stabling for the use of the incoming tenant, from the………………….day of

……………………..immediately preceding the quitting, without any abatement of rent or allowance of any sort, for………..pairs of horses, with shedding for carts and implements.


11. TO PAY all valuations and compensations for improvements other than those mentioned in Parts 1 and 2 of the First Schedule of the Agricultural Holdings Act, 1900 (with the charges for making the same) which may be payable to the outgoing tenant under his agreement with the Landlord, or by the custom of the country or under the Agricultural Holdings Acts.




12 TO PAY the cost price of good clover and grass seed and labour of sowing, sown in the spring preceding the end of the tenancy provided the land be clean, and there be a good clover root on every part, and that the same has not been grazed after the 1st day of November or otherwise injured.


13. TO PAY for the farmyard manure made on the premises during the last six months of the occupation.


14. TO PAY…. market…. value for a suitable proportion of the last year's hay and straw left on the premises.


15. TO PAY the cost price of ploughing the stubble land.


16. TO CLEANSE scour and keep in repair the main open watercourses affecting the land let.


17. TO FIND quicks for planting in old and new fences and provide materials in the rough for gates and gate-posts.





IF AND whenever any part of the rent hereby reserved shall be in arrear for twenty-one days, whether the same shall have been legally demanded or not, and whenever the tenant shall become bankrupt or insolvent or shall compound with or make any assignment for the benefit of his creditors or a receiving order shall be made against him, or an execution shall be levied on his effects or upon the premises or if he shall neglect or refuse to fulfil and perform the foregoing conditions in any respect then in any of such cases the owner may re-enter upon the premises. and the tenancy shall at the option of the owner immediately cease and determine.


ALL DISPUTES and differences between the parties or their respective representatives and all claims for compensation or otherwise arising during the tenancy or afterwards shall be referred to a single arbitrator in case the parties agree, or otherwise to two arbitrators and an umpire pursuant to and so in all respects to conform to the provisions of the Arbitration Act, 1889.










No. on Area

Plan. Description Cultivation A. R. P.




Ordnance 1912 Edition


1671 Permanent pasture 1.800


1673 do 1.292


1674 do 2.935

1675 do 1.480


1677 do .236






IN WITNESS whereof the said parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands the day and year first before written.



Signed by the said W. Hugh Cook, Agent for Capt. A. C. Gladstone





In the presence of D. Wishart

Hawarden Estate Office







Author: Hawarden Castle Estate 2


Year = 1908

Month = October

Day = 19

Building = Domestic

Document = Deed

Extra = 1900s

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