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Flintshire Education Committee Certificate of Merit for Mary Elizabeth Griffiths"

Saint Matthew's Parish Church Infants School, Church Road, Buckley

31 July 1915

Mary Elizabeth Mitchell, nee Griffiths, married John.




Flintshire Education Committee

Certificate of Merit

awarded to

Mary E. Griffiths

St Matthew's Inft School, Buckley

For Regular and Punctual Attendance, combined with Diligence in

School Work during the year ended 31st July 1915,

Possible Attendance 384

Attendances made 371


Thomas W. Hughes

Chairman of County Education Committee


J. Bevan Evans M.A.

Director of Education

Author: Flintshire Education Committee


Year = 1915

Month = July

Day = 31

Document = Certificate

Event = Educational

Gender = Female

People = Single

Extra = 1910s

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