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Testimonial for Mary Elizabeth Griffiths by Reverend D. Saunders Rees, Vicar of Buckley"

Saint Matthew's Parish Church Vicarage, Church Road, Buckley

15 June 1931

Note: Reverend Daniel Saunders Rees was vocar of Saint Matthew's Church 1922-1936

Mary Elizabeth Mitchell, nee Griffiths, married John.




Buckley Vicarage


15 June 1931


I am asked to write a testimonial to Miss Griffiths, Burntwood House, Buckley. Miss Griffiths has been known to me for nine years and I can testify that she is a daughter of very much respected people in Buckley. She is ?, intelligent and hardworking.


She is most anxious to secure some ? work to do, & she could, I am sure, give every satisfaction in her employment.


D. Saunders Rees

Author: Rees, D Saunders


Year = 1931

Month = June

Day = 15

Document = Letter

Gender = Mixed

People = Couple

Extra = 1930s

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