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Picking Coal during the Miners' Strike"



Buckley Society Magazine Issue Eleven, March 1986;

George Lewis: Selections from his diary, 1898 to 1962;

Part Two, 1906 to 1912

Diary entry 1912 - Feb 28 Wed

at 91.6 (entry below)


Feb28WedA national strike of Colliers throughout England, Scotland and Wales for a minimum wage. Over a million miners are out. The Buckley miners came out on 28th Feb. Hundreds of tons of coal has been got in Hancocks, (105) Gibson's and Catherall's clayholes and sold at 23/6 per ton.


Apr 6 Sat Men (Colliers ITJ.) resumed work after standing out for 5 weeks and 2 days and worked the following Easter


This photo was included in the article.


see 146.5 for "Coal Strikes and Hardship" in "Buckley 'Board' 100 not out" by Leslie Rowlands which details the "Buckley Strike" of 1884.


Author: Anon


Year = 1912

Event = Historic

Gender = Mixed

Landscape = Industrial

People = Group

Work = Mining

Extra = 1910s

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