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Castle Fire Brick Company Ltd staff before an annual trip from Seiont Works, Caernarfon to Liverpool"


1 August 1953

Castle Fire Brick Co Ltd had twelve brickworks at its zenith. All except Seiont had gone by 2005. The second works at Caernarfon was called Parciau. Pre-war, they had another brickworks at Amlwch, ? Porthwen. Building bricks went all over these islands from Buckley and refractory bricks from the Bottom Yard and Parry's went as far as Australia to line brewery kilns etc. The main outlet for them was JS & S at Shotton and Shelton (Staffs) where they were used to line the ladles into which the steel was poured from the open hearth furnaces.


All employees were invited to the fete but only the Buttington Works people wished to come for that event. The Caernarvon employees chose to visit Liverpool football match and the wives were given spending money for shopping. This photograph shows George Lewis at centre with cigarette sending them off, accompanied as they would be by the Manager Mr Varley (on George Lewis' right).

Author: Lewis, J Brian


Year = 1953

Month = August

Day = 1

Event = Leisure

Gender = Male

People = Group

Transport = Bus/Coach

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = 1950s

Extra = Formal Portrait

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