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Bill and Will Hedge Laying at Bistre Farm on the Main Road at Padeswood"

Bistre Farm, Buckley

February 1991

I learned how to lay hedges and Will, my son, started with me in the 1960s. The length of hedge, mostly hawthorne, was half a mile and it took us all winter to finish it. As we were working on it, a car stopped and the driver asked us if we were professional and would we go and work for the National Trust!


The County Council were to take over the laying of the hedge ten years after laying but they didn't do this so we had to do it. Hedges need laying every ten years.

Author: Fisher, Bill, 1922


Year = 1991

Month = February

Gender = Male

Landscape = Cultivated

People = Couple

Work = Agricultural

Extra = 1990s

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