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George Lewis' Diary: Parts Three and Four"


The Buckley Society Magazine Issue Sixteen, 1992




PART FOUR, 1931-45Edited J B Lewis



Mar28 SatThe Albion Inn (222) kept by John Parry finished selling beer.


May 2SatMount Pleasant Colliery (223) finished working.


May2Sat80 men stopped at the Elm.


May22 FriThe Mount Brickworks finished making bricks. It was built by Hancock in 1842 (224)


June 17 WedA working men's club was started, with John Parry as Manager, at The Albion Inn (225).


July14 TueJubilee at Buckley (226)


July 15 Wed The Shepherd's Club and Lady's Club walked together in heavy rain (227)


Sept 2 Wed Clarence F Walker, aged 16, of Ewloe Green, met his death, while after

rabbits by being shot by Fred Evans, Ewloe Green.


Sept 21 Mon Great Britain came off the Gold Standard (228)


Oct 5 Mon Mr Thomas, Liverpool Road, Manager of Ewloe Place Co-op dropped dead in the shop.


Oct27 TueAn election for Parliament; Llewellyn Jones, Mold, Liberal 40,405 votes; Francis Edwards, Manchester, Conservative 16,150 votes; Majority for Jones 24,000 votes (229)


Dec24 Wed No 3 Pit Elm finished working


Dec24 Wed The first snow this winter



Feb8Mon War started with China and Japan (230)


Mar1The Tariff Reform Bill came into force; 10% on all imported goods (231)


Mar 16 WedA strike started with the Buckley Busmen at Bettisfield Colliery (232) for charging a 2/- fare

May'Bonny Brighteyes' won the Chester Cup


July25 Mon C Arrowsmith's sale; house brought £325 (233)


Oct7FriFoot and Mouth disease at Glan-y-Don Farm, Mold Pentref (234). All stock burnt.



Jan 17First snow this winter


Jan 26 Thur They started to pull the Buckley Police Station down (235)


Feb 27 Mon They put electric poles from the Cross Roads to Buckley Church for the first time (236)


Mar16 FriNellie Fennah got the licence at the Wheat Sheaf to sell beer and spirits



May25 SatA clay pigeon shoot, the first held in Buckley, on St Matthew's Church Field (238)


July11 TueThe Buckley Jubilee, the first time St Matthew's Church walked in the procession (239)


July 15 Sat A very wet day. Gwenie Williams was the first Rose Queen at Buckley (240)


Aug 7 MonThe National Eisteddfod was held at Wrexham for 3 days (241)


Sept 1 SatThe Metalic Firm (242) took over the Old Brickworks, Lane End


Oct 27 FriFirst snow this winter




Feb 15They buried King Albert of the Belgians (243)


Mar9 FriThe Wheat Sheaf referred for compensation at Hawarden Sessions. I went with James Shone, Stephen Price and John Roberts to oppose it (244)


Mar9FriBettisfield Colliery at Bagillt finished (245)


May 25FriH RH The Prince of Wales visited Shotton to inspect the '33 Club' (246). It was very cold and wet. His Royal Highness stayed for some time at Hawarden Castle and planted a Pyrus Maltis pendula tree on the lawn near the Castle (247)


May12SatThe Elm Colliery finished winding coal (248)


Sept22SatA terrible explosion at Gresford Colliery at 2.40 a.m. resulting in the death of 264 miners; John Tarran, Liverpool Road was one of the dead (249)


Sept26The liner Queen Mary launched on the Clyde by the Queen (250)


Sept29 SatThe Wheat Sheaf Inn was closed


Oct31 WedFirst snow this winter




Jan4MonA brutal attack at Drury Farm, William Stafford nearly killed Elizabeth Bellis aged 29, with a shovel and a dolly (251)


Feb7ThurThe trial of Arthur Henry Franklin Yoke, aged 66, Clogger, of Railway Terrace, Pontybodkin, charged with the wilful murder of his wife on Sept 18 at the Flintshire Assizes at Mold. He was found not guilty and discharged (252)


Mar4Mon12 men went down Gresford pit 500 feet (253)


Mar4MonA riot of Bersham miners through a strike (254)


Mar8Fri3 teams of men went down Gresford pit


Mar24SunA sensation was created at Pentrobin Chapel (255) a few minutes before evening service. The preacher, the Rev J Beaumont Burman, of Shirley, Warren Drive, Deganwy, fell dead on the pulpit steps (256)


Mar31SunThe Bishop consecrated the new vestry at Bistre Church (257)


Apr18ThurT Wilcock started to keep the Hope and Anchor, Ewloe Place


Apr28SunLord Gladstone (258) of Hawarden died aged 83


Apr29MonMr Herbert Alletson committed suicide by shooting himself at his home (Ewloe Wood - Ed) near Castle Fire Brickworks and was interred at Hawarden on May 2 (259)


May6MonThe King's Silver Jubilee (260). All schools walked in Buckley. Sports on the Common and bonfire on the Mountain Colliery Dirt Heap (261)


May'Damascus' won the Chester Cup


May17 FriA very heavy fall of snow, half a yard deep


May19 SunThe first man, John Lewis, Cefn-y-bedd brought up Gresford Pit (262)


June1John Smith, The Common, Buckley, died. He was 76. His height was 28 inches and his coffin was 30 inches long. He had a son of normal size (263)


June20 ThurA sentence of seven years penal servitude was passed at the Assizes at Mold on Norman W Stafford, aged 35, for causing grievous bodily harm on Elizabeth Bellis, Drury Farm, with intent to murder her (264)


Aug10 SatA new Town Clock was unveiled in the Council Chambers for the Silver Jubilee Memorial (265)


Aug5MonBuckley Royal Town Band won the Silver Shield at the Caernarvon Eisteddfod


Sept22SunThey started to use plates to collect with in St Matthew's instead of bags


Sept23MonI measured Wesley's Tree at Mold. The elm was 8ft around it one yard from the ground; the sycamore 6ft around it one yard from the ground and they were 4ft apart (266)


Oct3ThurWar started between Italy and Abyssinia (267)


Dec14SatFirst snow this winter


Dec18Wed18 tenants were moved to the new Council Houses in Victoria Terrace (268), from slum property in Lane End


Dec23WedMy mother gave me her grandfather's oak chest (269)


Dec25WedAll public houses in Hawarden Parish open until 11.00 p.m. and on New Year's Eve




Jan16Frost and heavy snow for 5 days


Jan21TueKing George V died last night about 12 o'clock at Sandringham (There follows a long account of the Proclamation of Edward VIII -Ed)


Jan28TueThere was two minutes' silence everywhere in England as the King's coffin was lowered into the vault at Windsor. A service was held at the Castle Brick Works, Buckley, for the workmen in the new shed at the Top Works (270)


Feb20ThurThe Induction Service of the Rev W J Rees, MA at Buckley Church (271)


May16SatSummers Works took possession of the Trap brickworks and started it on Monday (272)


June14MonThe Buckley Council started to enclose a portion of the Common near the Chapel for a playing field for the children (273)


June21SunThe most terrible thunder and lightning storm lasting from 11 to 3 in the morning that anyone can remember


July2ThurAn Irishman, Andrew MacMahon, had a revolver knocked out of his hand as King Edward V111 rode at the head of the Guards on Constitution Hill (274)


July25SatThe new children's playing fields opened at Buckley by Lady Gladstone (275). The new playing ground comprises four acres of land enclosed by iron railings about 5 feet high; tarmac paths, two sets of swings and a roundabout and shute.

John Hughes appointed Caretaker


July 30ThurA great Centenary Pageant held at Mold in honour of Daniel Owen, the Welsh novelist. I saw Lloyd George at Llewellyn Jones' house going to open the procession (276)


Aug 29 Sat Thomas John Wyatt, Pentre Burntwood (277) committed suicide by drowning himself in Etna Clay Hole (278). Next day, a man from Mold, threw a loaf into the water and it stayed in the same place; I watched it for over half an hour (279). The body was recovered by Sergeant Elliot (280) on September 14.


Sept 26 Sat The Council is widening and lowering the road in the Lane End by half a yard.


Dec 10 Thur King Edward abdicated and the Duke of York was nominated his successor.




Jan 2 Sat James Grimshaw, aged 58, lamplighter, was killed on Prenbriggog Hill (281)


Jan 30 The first snow this winter


Feb 8Mon They started to put the water from Buckley Church to the Common


Apr3SatEric Tarran came to live in the Old House. I left two tables and an oak cupboard for his use only. I put the water in on Tuesday 8 April (282)


Apr22ThurI saw the funeral of the cremated remains of Mr W Buckley, The Hafod (283), the first to be buried in the new burial ground at Gwernaffield (284)


May12WedThe Coronation of King George VI. From Buckley Common a procession a mile long followed the crowning of Miss Phyllis Lloyd. Dancing, bonfire and fireworks in the evening (285)


June22TueJoseph Jones, Northop Hall, aged 5, fell down Dublin Main (286). He fell 20 feet, on to some mattresses, the water being 100 feet below. His father brought him up.


July28WedA serious outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease at Queensferry, 6 cases have been reported and they have been burning stock


Aug26ThurI went to Ruthin Flower Show and I went through Ruthin Goal (287)


Dec12SunThe first snow this winter




Jan25TueA baby girl, born to Mrs Walker, Burntwood, turned the scale at

14lb 6oz and 20" in length.


Jan25TueAurora Borealis or Northern Lights; a brilliant display, which lasted 2 hours (288)


Feb4FriAt Ruthin Assizes, Caroline Williams, aged 48, was found guilty of the murder of her husband, William, a Buckley man


Feb26MonWe had the electric light put into my home


Apr30SatThey threw the chimney down, about 25 yards high, at the Mount

Brickworks (289)


May5WedChester Cup won by 'Mrs Grundy'


May16MonSamson Stanley gave me my great-grandfather's horn tobacco box



Aug28SunRev Elvet Lewis preached at the Congregational Chapel


Sept14WedThe new church of the Holy Spirit at Ewloe was consecrated by the

Bishop of St Asaph in memory of Lord Gladstone (291)


Sept29ThurPeace preserved at the Munich Conference


Oct2SunGas masks distributed to everyone at Buckley National Schools (292)


Dec5MonA start made at Bretton to build an aircraft factory (293)


Dec23FriThe first snow this winter




Jan4WedA very deep snow


Apr3MonThe end of the Civil War in Spain; General Franco's victory (294)


May8MonThe first turnout from Mill Lane School Room (294) of the Territorial Recruits - nearly 100 of them


June 2FriH MS Thetis, a new submarine went down with 99 officers and men aboard 14 miles North-West of the Great Orme's Head in Liverpool Bay (295)


June 3SatAll young men of 20 had to register at Labour Exchange under the Military Training Act (296)


Aug 5 Sat The wettest season I can remember. Hay ruined everywhere; rain for


Sept 1 Fri 650 mothers and children were evacuated from Birkenhead to Buckley in a dirty and filthy condition (297)

Sept 3 SunWar declared at 1.15 a.m.


Oct 2 Mon The tax on beer 6d per pint and tobacco 11d an oz to meet War expenses


Oct 23 Mon H M S Thetis brought ashore on the coast of Anglesey


Dec 5 Tue First snow this winter


Dec 29 Thur Thousands of people have been killed by an earthquake in Turkey



Jan30TueThe worst weather this month that I can remember. Frost for 3 weeks and deep snow; hard times to live in. A week's allowance 1/4lb of butter, 3/41b of sugar, 1/4lb bacon each. Butter 1/7d per lb, sugar 9 l/2d, bacon 1/6d, mutton 1/7d per lb, Wages 1/- an hour


Feb12MonSnow, frost, no buses running


Mar19TueThe new pub at Mynydd Isa opened and the old one next to it pulled down (298)


May2ThurWe started to work on Llandegla Moors (299)


MayNo Chester races 1940-45


May10FriMr Churchill takes over as PM


June16SunAll church bells must not ring during the War


June27ThurBombs were dropped last night at Broughton and at Marchwiel Aerodrome (300)


July28SunAn air raid on the Marsh about half a mile from Summers. 9 bombs dropped, which shook the houses in Buckley and District at 2.30 a.m.


Aug 8 Thur Mr Downing started to keep the Red Lion (301)


Aug 13 Wed A German bomber shot down near Chester, after he had dropped 9 bombs on and machine-gunned Summers' Works


Aug30FriAn air raid on Buckley and District. A bomb dropped in the Church Road 50 yards from the Parish Room (302) and in the Poverty Field (303), Knowl Lane


Oct8TueMr J Clifford Jones, Liverpool Road, succeeded Mr Tyson as Schoolmaster at St Matthew's School (304)


Dec22SunAn air raid on Manchester for 12 hours, killing hundreds and again on Monday for 6 ½ hours


Dec31TueFirst snow this winter




Jan11SatOnly 1/21b sugar, 2oz of butter, 3/4lb of lard or margarine for two persons, 1/41b of bacon for one person, 2oz of tea for each person allowed. Wages 1/3d per hour (305)


Jan18SatI bought a violin of E Owen Spain, Chester for £5 (he kept a musical instruments shop at 52 Watergate Street). Very bad weather, snow 4ft deep


Feb8SatFirst day without snow since December 31

Feb18TueA heavy fall of snow which lasted till 27 February



Mar6ThurThe new Mount Brickworks (306) chimney was knocked down by

Flintshire County Council. It had been up for 75 years and was 75

Yards high and 4 white twists from bottom to top 8 feet apart. The

coping ring at the top was 2ft 10 inches

Apr6SunGermany declared war on Yugoslavia (307)


May1ThurA terrible air raid on Liverpool and Birkenhead by the Germans which lasted for 7 days


May10SatWar Weapons Week; a fine turnout in Buckley of soldiers, sailors,

Airmen and nurses at 6.00 p.m. Buckley raised £76, 135 (309)

May10SatRudolf Hess, Deputy Fuehrer of Germany, arrived in Scotland in an aeroplane. The wreckage of his plane is on view in London (309)


May29ThurWe had an awful experience at 1.30 a.m. A German plane was shot

down and it landed on Kendrick's field (310), Ewloe Place. We were in

bed and it blew the roof off our house and the windows out, and the

doors off. All the houses were severely damaged in Ewloe Place and

Liverpool Road. Its bombs were dropped on the Common. One of

500lbs was taken out of a hole 8 yards deep on Saturday, June 7 by

Jake Parsonage's house, Lower Common (311)



June2MonMiss Elsie Okell, Liverpool Road was killed by a German bomb at Salford Hospital Manchester (312)


June1SunA few double-decked buses started to run between Birkenhead and Mold (313)


Sept15MonI had my house repaired by John Peters


Oct 22WedA German raid over Buckley. 4 bombs were dropped near Buckley Station, one on the railway near the Mile Bridge, making very big holes (314)


Nov3MonFirst snow this winter


Dec7SunJapan declared War on the USA




Jan1ThurA colliery explosion at Sneyd Colliery, Burslem, Staffs; 58 miners

killed (3 15)


Feb 15SunWe lost the great naval base of Singapore (316)


Apr 20MonHeavy increases in taxation; mild beer l0d a pint, bottle stout 1/- a bottle, whiskey 22/2d a bottle, tobacco 1/10 an oz, wages 1/4d per hour


July 22WedThe King and Queen visited Shotton, Flint and Mold, inspecting factories (317)


July 14TueThe children had tea at the Jubilee. None for adults and no fair on the fair ground (318)


Aug 18WedA new chimney started to be built at the Castle Brickworks 9ft 3" wide and 80 ft high (319)


Aug 24TueThe Duke of Kent was killed in a Sunderland Flying Boat in the North of Scotland (320)


Sept2WedA National Day of Prayer. A service was held in the brickyard from 11.00 a.m. to a quarter past (321)


Sept5SatOld Ewloe Pottery closed down, G Dyment, potter (322)


Oct5MonA plague of caterpillars on all green vegetables. Cabbages eaten to the stump everywhere


Oct 18SunThe Congregational Chapel held its 150th Anniversary starting with a service held at Edward Lamb's house on the Common conducted by the Rev R Shepherd. The Rev Elvet Lewis unveiled a tablet at the Chapel (323)


Oct23Special services held at Bistre Church for the Centenary of the opening of the

Church in the presence of the Bishop. During the 100 years there had been 8


Rev Edward Jones,Priest in charge1842 -1844

Vicar1844 -1876

Rev John Michael EvansVicar1876 -1889

Rev Hugh Trevor HughesVicar1889 -1897

Rev John GeorgeVicar1897 -1904

Rev Owen WilliamsVicar1904 -1907

Rev Lewis H 0 PryceVicar1907 -1910

Rev John E MorganVicar1910 -1924

Rev Alfred WilliamsPresent Vicar 1924 (18years to date)



Nov 15Sun All Church bells rang in Great Britain and Northern Ireland to commemorate The Battle of Egypt against Rommel. Germans and Italians lost 75,000 men (325)


Dec 3ThurFirst snow this winter


Dec 25FriAll Church bells rang for Christmas Day (326)




Jan12FriMy mother. Annie Lewis, died aged 85 and was interred in St Matthew's



Mar10WedWilliam James Lewis. Lower Common, aged 28, was killed in action in North



Apr13TueThe Rev Keyworth Lloyd Williams, Minister of the Congregational Chapel.

Buckley, died aged 53 (32)


May29SatWings for Victory Week at Buckley began. George Griffiths, MP for Hemsworth, a native of Buckley, hoisted the RAF Flag on the Council Offices and a large procession of soldiers, sailors and airmen and Girl Guides marched around Buckley and raised £65,006 (328)


July16FriAll iron gates and railings in Liverpool Road and Buckley and District taken for the War Effort because of a shortage of iron (329)


July27I finished thatching Amos Cottage, The Common (330)


Aug2MonA sports held on the football field and made £136 8s.6d in aid of the Prisoner

of War Comforts Fund (331)


Sept9ThurItaly surrendered


Sept25SatA very wet harvest time, rain every day, wheat black in the fields


Sept18SatA Victory Flower, Horticultural and Rabbit Show held at Alltami and raised £80. £70 will be handed to the Red Cross and St John's Ambulance Fund (332)


Sept27MonItalian prisoners brought from Ruthin by bus to Castle and Gibson's Brickworks, 6 to each place (333)


Oct30SatThe local branch of the Prisoners of War relatives Association held a show at

the Council Schools, Buckley, which included exhibits of flowers, live stock,

rabbits, dogs and pigeons. Proceeds £542. On November 6, they held a horse

show and sheep-dog demonstration on Hawkesbury field. The effort was in aid of the Red Cross. Raised £1,400 (Target £1,000) (334)


Nov13First snow this winter




Jan9SunLady bell-ringers installed at St Matthew's Church for the first time (335)


Jan11Tue130 old age pensioners over 70 were given a treat in the Albert Hall; rabbit pie and 2/-. Joseph Griffith, Daisy Hill was the baker. Cakes, cigarettes and tobacco were given (336)


Feb21MonGreat extensions at Sandycroft Brickworks for a new rubber plant (337)


Mar6MonBuckley Pantomime started and raised £1,025 in a week towards charity for

hospitals (338)


Mar25SatThe coal supply serious; each householder to have only l cwt per week


Apr7FriThe first pay under Pay-as-you-Earn system of tax, 6/6d in the £1 (339)


June3SatBuckley salutes the Soldiers Week. Parade through Buckley with the Lord Lieutenant and High Sheriff (340), American Troops, Regular Army Detachment RWF, the Flintshire Home Guard. Total subscribed £71,644


June7WedMy brother John was brought home from Chester Infirmary to make room for

wounded soldiers. A train load arrived that night


June14FriEvacuees from the London area arrived in Buckley after the bombing. 77 mothers and 152 children. They were lodged in the Congregational Schoolroom until a home was found for them. They were in a very decent condition


July15SatI saw a man, aged 48, in a show at the Lane End 22" high (341)


Sept17SunThe total blackout finished today. Lights on in many places


Oct5ThurHawkesbury and grounds were sold for £2,500 by Mrs Dobson to the Young People's Cultural Association. It was built by Jonathan Catherall in the year 1800 (342)


Oct25ThurIt is reported that the Castle Brickworks has taken over Parry's Brickworks,

Buckley (343)


Nov17The first snow this winter


Nov29WedContinual rain for the last two months


Dec30SatA two minute earthquake rocked houses in northern and eastern England. People flung from their beds between Manchester and Darlington (344)




Jan12FriMr James Tyson, aged 67, Liverpool Road, Buckley, died and was cremated at Landican, where the ashes were scattered over the Garden of Remembrance. He was the first Buckley man to be cremated, having been the schoolmaster at St Matthew's for 39 years (345)


Jan19FriA heavy snow, which lasted for the next 14 days, with extreme cold


Feb4SunThe Rev Wynford Evans started his ministry at the Congregational Chapel, Buckley (346)


Feb10SatA concert held at the Hope and Anchor for the men who had gone to the War

from 1/2 a mile from the inn; £146 received


Mar10SatBuckley twelfth Pantomime closed; one week's takings £1,250


Apr22SunA Welcome Home to Arthur Robbins, Middle Common and Mark Wilcock who have been prisoners of war in Germany. The procession went from the house to the Council Chamber, headed by the Band


Apr28SatExecution of the Duce and his mistress


Apr29SunInstrument of Surrender signed


May8TueWar against Germany officially came to an end. All works closed down with 2 days holiday with pay for the workmen. Dancing and singing till 2.00 a.m. at the Assembly Room, Liverpool Road (347)


May9Wed166 children had a tea with singing and their photographs taken at the Assembly Rooms (348)


May10ThurOver 100 old age pensioners had a tea and singing and dancing till 2.00 a.m. They paraded from the Cross to Ewloe Hall (349) and through Ewloe Place to the Assembly Rooms. There was singing and dancing there all week


May17ThurEdward Bellis, Liverpool Road, came home after being for 20 months a prisoner in Germany (350)


May20SunA fire at the Tivoli, Buckley, in which Harry Goldrick, aged 39, lost his life


June 14-15Flintshire Education Committee Flintshire Artist's Exhibition held at Hawkesbury (351)


July21SatThe first motor cycle race in Buckley was held in the Cricket field (352), Lane

End in aid of the Welcome Home Fund


July26ThurNigel Birch (Con) won the general election with 1,039 majority (353)


Aug5Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima


Aug15WedSurrender of Japan


Aug19SunA service held after normal worship on the Common as a thanksgiving conducted by the Rev AR Morris. Curate of St Matthew's and the Rev Robert Shepherd, MA, accompanied by the Buckley Town Band (354)


Aug29WedThe children had a tea and singing and dancing


Aug30ThurThe old age pensioners had a tea and dancing till 1.00 a.m.


Sept1SatA bonfire on the Knowl Hill (355) at 8.30 p.m.


Sept19WedWilliam Joyce ('Lord Haw-Haw') aged 39, was sentenced to death at the Central Criminal Court by Mr Justice Tucker, for treason (356)


Oct17WedGlyn Catherall, Liverpool Road, came home after being a prisoner in Singapore for 3 years and 7 months


Nov4SatThanksgiving Week. The opening ceremony started in front of the Tabernacle

(357) with a torchlight parade, drum and bagpipe band and tradesmen's turnout (358). The peace Queen, Glenys Jones, was crowned by Mrs G H Alletson (359) £611,911 13s. l0d was raised during the week; altogether, Buckley has raised £368,314 5s. I0d for War Charities by means of the six efforts organised since 1939


Dec8SatThe first snow this winter



Notes 1931-45


222 See note 210


223See Buckley No 7 p.20-24


224 See Buckley No 7 p.20-24. For Hancock see Buckley No 6 Section VI p.26-7


225See note 210 and 222


226Traditionally held on the 2nd Tuesday in July each year


227 See note 13 and 16


228 First introduced into Britain in 1821. Abandoned during World War 1 1914-18.


229 See note 214


230 The Japanese set up a puppet republic in Manchukuo on 9 January. They occupied Shanghai on 28 Jan


231The purpose was to promote Imperial preference, protect 'key industries' and prevent dumping


232At Bagillt; see note 245 and C J Williams Industry in Clwyd p.23f


233An average price for a house at this time


234Not marked on OS Map


235The new one was built on the same site, next to the Council Offices


236See Part 11901 Oct 2 Wed for account of gas lighting first coming to Buckley. See also note 79


237See note 25


238Behind St Matthew's Church and Schools


239The Jubilee was originally a Non-Conformist procession of Christian witness. St Matthew's is a daughter church of Hawarden and on account of its connection with the Oxford Movement and Anglo-Catholicism, it was not felt by incumbents hitherto, that it was appropriate to join the Jubilee Procession. The St Matthew's children formerly marched around the Vicarage Garden and were given a tea and sports of their own. See also note 14


2401 have not been able to identify this lady -Ed


241Moves from town to town annually


242See Buckley No 6 Section VI p.26-7. By 'the old brickworks' the diarist means the Hancock Works (Founded 1792). Wm Hancock and Co became an associate company of the Buckley Foundry Co and thence became known as the 'Metalic'


243Albert I 1909=1934


244ie it was to be closed, perhaps because it was in a remote position in Etna Road and only valuable to habitués


245See note 232; many Buckley colliers worked there


246A club form the promotion of British Industry etc


247A type of pear tree


248(My father told me that he was down the Elm Pit a few hours before 'the water came in' and made it unworkable. Castle Fire Brick Co Ltd at that time owned the Elm Pit -Ed)


249One of the worst mining disasters ever


250Queen Mary, wife of George Vth


251Drury Farm was more isolated at the bottom of the village than it is now. A 'dolly' is a substantial wooden utensil used for pounding clothes in a washing tub; not often seen now


252Odd surname?


253They were unable to approach nearer because of the gas, which caused the explosion


254Full details available at The Bersham Industrial Heritage Centre


255Bethesda Chapel in Mount Pleasant Road, Drury


256One assumes that he was a visiting Methodist minister


257An anonymous gift, I believe -Ed


258Henry Neville Gladstone, 1st Baron 1852-1935; 3rd son of WE G. His biography is by Sir Charles Mallet (1936)


259For an account of the Alletson Family see Buckley No 6 p.28-9


260George Vth reigned from 1910-1936


261Used to be immediately opposite the Mountain Lane School


262This indicates the proportions of the disaster


263John and his brother James were known locally as 'Jimmy and Johnny the Pentre'. They were employed at the Mountain Colliery in the Lamp Room ie cleaning and maintaining the lamps used by the miners underground


264See note 251


265He means the Council Offices, next to the Baths


266No mention of this tree in Leslie or P B Davies-Cooke


267The Italians conquered Ethiopia at this time


268In Victoria Road


269Her grandfather was Thomas Thornton, who married Elizabeth Millington on Oct 2 1815. Thornton grave stones from the 18th Century are still to be found in Hawarden Parish Churchyard


270Presumably taken by one of the 'local' preachers among the employees


271William John Rees, ed Keble Coll, Oxon BA 1911; MA 1914, C of Hawarden, R of Holt, V of Buckley 1926-49, V of Welshpool 1949-58, Canon of St Asaph 1949-64 St Asaph Diocesan Year Book 1969 p.71)


272See Buckley No 6 p. 26 Section II. This refers to Catherall's Works, bought by Castle Fire Brick Co Ltd which, of course, was then a subsidiary of John Summers and Sons Ltd


273Now no longer a playing field, but the traditional site for the Jubilee Service and still containing the podium used by the Princess Royal, when she visited the Jubilee


274Edward was very popular in Wales, hence his visit to the '33 Club'


275Wife of Lord G; see note 258


276See note 229 and 214


277A township between Buckley and Hawarden


278See note 69


279In days gone by bread (especially if weighted with mercury), was ascribed the remarkable powerof detecting the position of a drowned body. Suicide was a crime at this time, hence the interest


280A very well-known Sergeant of Buckley; a good shot, particularly on the Gwysanney Estate and who retired to Mynydd Isa


281Many Buckley people will also remember the lamps being lit by Mr Joe Lloyd, who carried his ladder used for climbing the posts on a distinctive 'trailer' behind his bicycle -Ed


282The Diarist inherited the 'old house' - Amos Cottage (see Introduction for a picture) from his Aunt (and Uncle) Tarran


283Plas Hafod; now a restaurant, approached from Gwernymynydd


284Not identified


285Not identified


286In Northop Hall. See Buckley No 9 p.32-33


287Now the Clwyd Record Office


288Seldom seen here


289No further information on this


290I recollect seeing this box (now lost), which was semi-circular and about 2" in diameter - Ed


291For details see E Hubbard Clwyd p.345/292 Children were given masks in some areas in the shape of 'Mickey Mouse'


293Built rather 'late' compared with Hitler's efforts! Now British Aerospace


294Now 'Sleepeazy'; formerly the Methodist Schoolroom


295For a full account see I W Jones Shipwrecks of North Wales (1973) p.170 and p.176 for a picture of the raising of the wreck


296The Act compelled every male between 20 and 21 years to undergo 6 months training and then to be 3 1/2 years in the auxiliary force


297Buckley had been a very insulated community; the evacuees were a shock for many; see 'North Wales: A Case study of the Reception Area' by G Wallis (MA Wales Thesis) p.282 in CR0


298The Griffin Inn


299The Diarist supervised the work for Castle Fire Brick Co Ltd for the extraction of silica stone near the farm Cloddiau Duon


300Always an important Government Site


301The Red Lion, Liverpool Road


302See note 72


303Not identified


304See note 33; J C Jones Buckley Parish Church 1822-1872 (1974)


305The violin was given, on the Diarist's death, to Mr Ray Hughes


306Near Ewloe Place


307The Hungarians invaded on 11 April and all official Yugoslav resistance ended on 17 April


308To help the War effort


309There is still much debate about Hess's true identity, especially when in Spandau Prison


310Not identified


311Next to the Alltami Brook, on the road to Bryn-y -Baal, from the Common


312She was a nurse and her name appears on the War Memorial at St Matthew's Church


313A connection fostered and expanded by the Crosville Bus Co, especially at Loggerheads


314This refers to the railway bridge on the 'Dirty Mile'


315Note the Diarists interest in mining country-wide


316A settlement founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles; re-occupied by the British on September 5 1945


317One assumes they visited John Summers; no record easily available


318Because of wartime rationing


319See note 19


320Recently he has been the subject of unfavourable comparison with King George VI in the Sunday Times


321This seems odd to us today, as do the services at the works


322Hayes Pottery: see Buckley Pottery Oriel/Mostyn p.23


323Situated between the twin front doors


324Canon A W Rees died in harness in the 1950's, after suffering a stroke


325He means the War in N Africa


326Forbidden during the War


327Born Cardiff 1889. Ed New College, London. Formerly Minister at Treforest, Llandaff, Halifax and Penmaenmawr: Buckley 1932-43 (Who's Who on Congregationalism p.68)


328George Arthur Griffiths MP (Lab) for the Hemsworth Division of Yorkshire, b 1880 Ed Buckley C of E School (St M's), Cheekweighman Monckton Colliery; Yorkshire Miners Welfare Committee; Coal owners and Workmen's Joint Board (Who's Who 1945)


329Most of these were never used


330The 'old house' (Amos House), dating from the 18th (?l7th) Century, had a thatched roof until its demolition


331The football field was on the site of the Precinct off Brunswick Road; it was approached via a short lane at the rear of the former Midland Bank; and see note 18


332These were very popular, a splendid show was held annually at Soughton


333The brick foundation walls of the camp, at Pool Park, Ruthin, can still be seen from the road. (I remember my father, who, as Company Secretary of Castle Firebrick Co Ltd at that time, telling me that he acted as Honorary Commandant of this camp, being responsible for the prisoners when they were in the works. He had much admiration for the abilities of the officers -Ed)


334 Now the site of Belmont School


335The Diarist was deeply devoted to the bells


336Griffith's Bakery - situated opposite the Baptist Chapel


337For making tyres for the War?


338See Buckley No 7 p.25-31


339This was to ensure that everyone paid for the War, since some people were not taxable


340The Sheriff was Mr (later Sir) R F Summers, Chairman John Summers (High Sheriffs of Flintshire H M C Jones-Mortimer). The Lord Lieutenant for Flintshire in 1944 was Rear Admiral R G Rowley-Conwy.


341At the Fair, which visited the town at Jubilee-time


342Mrs Dobson, wife of Dr Dobson, a GP in Mold, was nee Miss Katie Catherall, daughter and heiress of Jonathan Catherall


343See Buckley No 5 p.23-4 and note 62


344Compared with recent ones, very strong


345See note 33


346The Rev Robert Shepherd in his History of St John's Congregational Church, Buckley p.60, states that the Rev Wynford Evans, BA BD, was inducted by the Rev Gwilym Rees MA on February 21st. This entry must refer to his arrival in Buckley


347Later known as the Conservative Club; proprietors - the Parry Family


348See note 347


349An odd route!


350He married Miss Parry, of the Assembly Rooms, and was employed by Castle Fire Brick Co Ltd


351The 'guiding light' of this was Mr McAlister Turner, Art Adviser for Flintshire, and the Diarist bought two pictures (one of the old house and one of the lychgate at St Matthew's - alas, now lost), they were painted by Mr Walmsley (Whormsley - ed), the noted Buckley artist and a frequent exhibitor at Hawkesbury


352See note 31


353Later created Lord Rhyl; he lived at Saith Aelwyd Hall, Holywell


354Mr Morris later left the diocese


355Now disappeared 'into' the Lane End clayhole. The Knowl Hill was the highest point in Buckley and during World War II, people often climbed it to view the conflagration caused by the bombing of Merseyside


356People in Buckley were made particularly uncomfortable by this wretched man, who used to broadcast from Germany on the radio, announcing the exact time on the East Gate Clock in Chester, in order to demoralise the public by means of engendering suspicion of 'informers in their midst'!


357See note 22


358I vividly remember the pungent smell of the torches, as we children, were carried, dressed in the costumes of many races of the world, on the 'floats'. We saw fireworks for the first time - a great thrill - since 'sparklers' set off behind the blackout, were only permitted for November 5th during the War - Ed


359See Buckley No 6 p.28-9







Author: Lewis, George, 1877 - 1963, Part 4


Year = 1910

Document = Diary

Gender = Male

People = Single

Extra = 1910s

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