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Staff of the London and North Western Railway on the Chester Platform of Padeswood and Buckley Station"

Padeswood and Buckley Railway Station, Padeswood, Buckley


the photo is pre 1922




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Coughs Colds and Chest Diseases


A newspaper report of 29 April 1898 gives:




……. At the close of business, Mr Lamb moved, and Mr Edward Roberts seconded, the following resolution: "Hearing that Mr Davies, the Padeswood Station, is shortly to be removed to Mold, the Council desire to place on record its appreciation of the valuable assistance he has rendered in securing for Buckley some of the benefits it now enjoys, such as free and more frequent delivery of goods, and to recognise the kind and courteous manner in which he has ever discharged his official duties. We are losing a kind friend and valuable neighbour. At the same time we congratulate him on his well-earned promotion and wish him every success in his new sphere."





BUCKLEY. PROPOSED CENTRAL STATION FOR BUCKLEY.- A monster petition, with about one thousand signatures, has been presented to the L. & N. W. Railway Co., through their agents, Messrs. Wood & Henshaw, of Chester, requesting them to run a branch of their railway from Hope, or wherever they may think best, to the centre of Buckley. The leading tradesmen of this popular district signed the petition. On Thursday week the two above-named gentlemen visited Buckley to talk matters over. A deputation met them near the Post Office, when they adjourned to the Black Horse Inn and had a friendly interchange of views respecting the welfare of Buckley. We trust that this is not only a formal visit, but that soon we shall find the wants of Buckley taken into serious consideration, with a practical issue. Now that the subject has been brought forward it justly deserves the attention of the railway people more than it has hitherto done



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