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Cottage in New Road, Pentrobin just after it had been struck by lightning"

New Road, Pentrobin, Buckley

29 August 1930

See 65.61 - 64 and 65.66 - 68 for more photos and information on this family and 23.26 and 65.68 for details of the tenancy agreement.


The cottage stood just off where the A55 Dobshill roundabout exits to go to Drury. New Road was Tinkersdale, the road from Hawarden to Wrexham. The cottage was burnt by lightning.


I am the baby being held in the doorway by my mother. The other figure is my grandmother.

Author: Lewis, Mary K


Year = 1930

Month = August

Day = 29

Building = Domestic

Extra = Architecture

Extra = 1930s

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