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Castle Cement"

Castle Cement Works, Padeswood, Buckley

August 2003

In March 2005, Mervyn Foulkes, a Buckley Society member and former employee at Castle Cement for 37 years, completed an excellent thirty minute video and DVD of the wet method of cement making at the works. The wet method is due to be replaced when the new kiln is up and running, thereby ending a process of manufacture that has been in use for many years.


The company funded the project, which was conceived, written, produced and edited by Mr Foulkes over one year. The film footage was taken by Richard Knew of Knew Productions who had been employed by Castle Cement to record the building of the new kiln.


Mr Foulkes said: "I've always had an interest in local history but never really had the time to pursue the interest. Since I left the company, I've retained a keen interest in what's been going on there - after all, it's been a very large part of my life.


"I thought it would be nice to record the old system so that when the new kiln comes into operation, we have something to remind us how it used to be done.


"The video and DVD will be given to the county archives, but we also hope to hand out copies to local primary schools.


"I've thorougly enjoyed working on the project. It's certainly taken up a large part of my time during the past year. I hope people will enjoy the results."



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Year = 2003

Month = August

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