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Lane End Brickworks, Buckley

26 November 2004

from BRICKBOND, The Newsletter for Employees. September 2000.

p.5 Newts on law of Relocation


A colony of protected Great crested newts has been discovered at the Lane End works in Buckley, Clwyd.


On advice that the creatures could have taken residency in the area, work was suspended for several days while the situation was assessed in every detail. The erection of a newt fence around a lagoon within the quary allows the newts in but not out, to enable accurate monitoring of their activites. Protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is illegal to disturb the animals or damage their habitat and all stages of their life are protected.


Of the three types of newt native to Britain the Great Crested is the easiest to itentify. They can grow to 16cm in length and have a rough warty skin, hence the alternative name of Warty Newt. Newts practise an elaborate courtship ritual in which the male dances showing his crest and his fine colours. After mating, the female lays eggs singly, using her hind feet to fold the leaf of an underwater plant around each one.


Newt tadpoles hatch in about two weeks and are subject to prey by other water creatures. By the time they are ready to leave the pond in August, their numbers are greatly reduced.


As a long-term measure, a more permanent remedy has been put in place and two ponds have been constructed in a safe area away from workings. Natural habitat has been designed and a secure, permanent fence is keeping the newts in safety. The compnay has ensured that plant life, which could also contain eggs, is moved to the sanctuary of the newt pond.


Commenting on the delicate operation, Keith Shankland, production director (north), said "The whole project has been put together at considerable expence but we are committeed to our responsibilities to the environment. This is just one example of the work which we currently undertake to minimise the impact of our business on our neighbours, whoever they may be!"

Author: Hanson


Year = 2004

Month = November

Day = 26

Event = Historic

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