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Highland Cattle outside Bistre Church"

Bistre Emmanuel Parish Church, Mold Road, Buckley


The circumstances of this photograph are unknown but may have been connected with Price Peters' Butchers Shop across the road from where this photograph was taken. Perhaps the cattle made an attempt at escape before being slaughtered. Price Peters owned Bod Offa Farm and the cattle were walked from Mold market to the slaughter house at Mold Road.


Price Peters' father was a JP.


The metal arch over the entrance was moved to All Saints Church.


Notes from the family: Price James Peters on the left was the father of the others in the photo. Missing just off to the right is the youngest, Hughie, who was ten years younger, born c.1920 - died 1971/2.

Author: Anon


Year = 1930

Building = Religious

Gender = Male

Landscape = Urban

People = Group

Extra = Animals

Extra = 1930s

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