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Buckley Society Magazine Issue Four: Recent Fieldwork in the Buckley Potteries by Peter J. Davey: map of Site 19, Pottery in Pinfold Lane "

Pottery, Pinfold Lane, Buckley

April 1976

Buckley Society Magazine Issue Four, April 1976

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The article contains a drawing of each of the nineteen potteries and a decription, plus various other images. These are entered separately under 132. 2 - 27.


SITE 19 SJ275664

This site was discovered in the Autumn of 1975 during excavations for an electricity cable. For about ten metres of its length the cable trench had exposed a layer of coal ash and clinker about 0.20 metres thick and three pits full of kiln wasters cut about one metre into natural clay.


Finds include black glazed wares, and thrown flanged bowls with yellow slip trailed decoration. These seem to pre-date the similar wares found on Sites l and 2, and probably belong to the period 1650 - 80. A derelict stone cowshed, three metres to the north of the trench, proved on closer inspection to be a re-used single storey cottage which still retains a fireplace with wooden lintel and several other features. It seems likely that this was a potter's cottage and that irregularities in the pasture north of the building represent other pottery structures.



Author: Davey, Peter J.


Year = 1976

Month = April

Building = Industrial

Document = Map

Landscape = Industrial

Work = Light Industry

Extra = Pre 1900

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