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Buckley Society Magazine Issue Four: Recent Fieldwork in the Buckley Potteries by Peter J. Davey: map of Site 18, Pottery near Brookhill Bank"

Pottery, Brookhill Bank, Buckley

April 1976

Buckley Society Magazine Issue Four, April 1976

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The Clwyd Record Office is now (2006) the Flintshire Record Office




The article contains a drawing of each of the nineteen potteries and a decription, plus various other images. These are entered separately under 132. 2 - 27.


SITE 18. SJ282656

Over 1,000 sherds of medieval pottery including many kiln wasters were discovered in 1975 by H. M. Harrison while field walking arable land in Ewloe just over the Buckley boundary. The principal bodies are gritty, highly fired white and grey ware with green and brown glazes. Some of the sherds bear evidence of a brown/red slip beneath the glaze. The major products were jugs, large storage vessels and roofing tiles. These wares compare closely with excavated examples from Chester (Grosvenor Museum) and Hen Bias (Clwyd County Record Office, Hawarden) and probably date from the fourteenth or fifteenth centuries. The illustrated example is of a hound's head in profile, possibly part of the finial of a roofing tile or a decorated feature on an elaborate jug. It seems likely that this and similar kilns were serving Chester, the 'English' part of North Wales and perhaps further afield during most of the later Middle Ages.



Author: Davey, Peter J.


Year = 1976

Month = April

Building = Industrial

Document = Map

Landscape = Industrial

Work = Light Industry

Extra = Pre 1900

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