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Buckley Society Magazine Issue Four: Recent Fieldwork in the Buckley Potteries by Peter J. Davey: map of Site 10, Hayes' Pottery"

Old Ewloe Pottery, Etna Road, Buckley

April 1976

Buckley Society Magazine Issue Four, April 1976

see 28.302 for contents etc




The article contains a drawing of each of the nineteen potteries and a decription, plus various other images. These are entered separately under 132. 2 - 27.


SITE 10. SJ285647

? 1750; 1781 (Jonathan Hayes); 1815 (Phoebe and Joseph Hayes); 1860; 1871; 1886; 1942 (closed).

The site of the kilns and drying sheds now lie under modern houses and gardens, while the waste dumps and blunging pits lie on the opposite side of the road, covered and somewhat obscured by trees and dense undergrowth (458 and 399 southern part).

Finds of early twentieth century pottery have come from the gardens



Author: Davey, Peter J.


Year = 1976

Month = April

Building = Industrial

Document = Map

Landscape = Industrial

Work = Light Industry

Extra = Pre 1900

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