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April 1976

Buckley Society Magazine Issue Four, April 1976




APRIL 1976




By A.G. Vesey


The Welsh Place-Names in the Township of Bannel2

by Hywel Wyn Owen (see 131.1)


The Story of Nonconformity in Buckley and District 6

by Charles Duckworth (see 115.12)


Recent Fieldwork on the Buckley Potteries16

by P. J. Davey (see 132.1 for article and 132.2 - 27 for site information)


Catherall's Brickworks, Buckley, 1898 - 1913 30

by James Bentley (see 1.603)


Buckley 'Trap' 34

by C. J. Williams (see 127.2)


Observations on coalmining methods and conditions in seventeenth century Flintshire 36

by Ken Lloyd Gruffydd (see 79.10)


Archaeology Note 43

by Ken Lloyd Gruffydd (see 79.11)


Cover Drawing "Segar Cones, Old Ewloe Works, Buckley"

by James Bentley




Chairman: Mr Charles Duckworth, The Willows, Tram Road, Buckley

Secretary: Mr Neville Jones


The Buckley Society was founded in 1969 to further the knowledge about the history of the town and surrounding district. Meetings are held regularly during the winter months and excursions take place during the spring and summer. Many members participate in excavations in the Buckley area.


The annual subscription is fifty pence. Further information of the Society's activities and copies of this magazine (price 40p. plus postage) can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary or from the Publicity Officer (Mr James Bentley, M.P.S., Brunswick Road, Buckley)


Published by the Buckley Society

Gwasg y Berllan, Sychdyn




As guest editor for this issue of the Buckley Society's Magazine, I am convinced more than ever that the Society is one of the most active and flourishing in our county of Clwyd. The high standard of the articles submitted bear evident indication of this, while the account of the excavations of the Clay Industries Research Committee, which has close links with the Buckley Society, reveals the important work which is currently being undertaken to fill in the gaps in our knowledge of the history of the Buckley potteries. The Society deserves the support and encouragement of all interested in the past of this unique area, and I hope that more people, after reading this Magazine, will be persuaded to join, attend meetings, and perhaps assist in the excavations.


The Buckley Society and the newly formed Museum Trust are working for the establishment of a museum in the town where pottery and records of Buckley's heritage can be displayed for the benefit of all interested in its history.


I have relied very much on the pioneering work of Mr J.E.Messham, the editor and printer of the previous three issues. The Buckley Society is greatly in his debt for launching this publication so successfully. Pressure of work has forced him to relinquish the editorship, but it is hoped that he will be persuaded to reappear in these pages as a contributor. Thanks are also due to Mr Nefyl Williams of Gwasg y Berllan for his printing skills and for ably interpreting my hieroglyphics, and to Mr K.Lloyd Gruffydd for assisting with the editorial work and so helping to make it a pleasurable experience.


Clwyd Record Office,A.G.Veysey,

The Old Rectory,County Archivist





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