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Buckley Society Magazine Issue Three cover"

July 1975

Buckley Society Magazine Issue Three, July 1975




Some Memories of Buckley by F. W. Cropper (see 28.300)

The Buckley Jubilee by Charles Duckworth (see 115.11)

Don't Take the Vicar Seriously by James Bentley (see 1.605)

The Sandycroft Wooden Way by James Bentley (see 1.595)

Immigration to Buckley by Laurie Westwood

The Flintshire Coalfield in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

by Ken Lloyd Gruffydd (see 79.7)

Queen Victoria's Jubilee Celebrations in Buckley in 1887 (Minutes of Committee)

contributed by James Bentley (see 28.300)



by Ken Lloyd Gruffydd

- Cover design

- Frontispiece

- The Flintshire Coalfield (79.7 and 8)


by James Bentley

- Sandycroft Wooden Way (1.595 and 596)





Four years have passed since the last issue of 'Buckley' appeared. For this long interval the editor and printer must accept the blame; certainly, the Buckley Society has continued to flourish and there has been no lack of work waiting to be published.


The vigour of the Society is the more notable because, in the last four years, it has suffered the loss of a number of valued friends.


Dennis Griffiths and Mrs Griffiths, Harold Gregory, George Lewis, Mrs Lamb and, lately, Ralph Catherall, all had a deep and enduring love of their native place and each one of them had a particular and individual knowledge of its past.


That knowledge derived from a long experience of life and work in Buckley and as such it is irreplaceable.


But that is the least of reasons why they are missed in its circle. To recall them is to appreciate how rich the land was in their generation. What quality of character, what natural dignity, what liveliness of mind and what distinctive, indeed, distinguished personalities they possessed!


Where, in our present schooled and colleged age, do we see their like? One cannot but have a high regard for the times, the family inheritance and the way of life which shaped them.




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Year = 1975

Month = July

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