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Buckley Society Magazine Issue Four: Recent Fieldwork in the Buckley Potteries by Peter J. Davey: map of Site 13, Pottery on Higher Common"

Pottery, Higher Common, Buckley

April 1976

Buckley Society Magazine Issue Four, April 1976

see 28.302 for contents etc




The article contains a drawing of each of the nineteen potteries and a decription, plus various other images. These are entered separately under 132. 2 - 27.


SITE 13. SJ282644

?1750; 1871.

The dumping of up to three metres depth of topsoil in an attempt to 'landscape' the Upper Common has successfully obscured any possible traces of the site. As the soil used itself contains considerable quantities of mixed Buckley pottery, none of the finds from the area can be regarded as provenanced.



Author: Davey, Peter J.


Year = 1976

Month = April

Building = Industrial

Document = Map

Landscape = Industrial

Work = Light Industry

Extra = Pre 1900

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