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July 1970

Buckley Society Magazine Issue One, July 1970






The Magazine of the Buckley Society No.1 July 1970

(cover design by Vernon Hughes)





Local History in the Flintshire Record Office by C.J. Williams (see 127.1)

Buckley in the "Chronicle" by Charles Duckworth (see 115.10)

The Buckley Clay Industries by George Lewis (see 129.2)

Old Buckley Tramways by James Bentley (see 1.322)

The "Pop" Alley Bottle and the "Pop" Cart by Harold G. Gregory ( see 1.333)

Medieval Coalmining in Flintshire by Ken Lloyd Gruffydd (see 79.3)




Cover Design by Vernon Hughes


Lane End Infants' School, 1841-1963

Saint Matthew's Boys' and Girls' School, 1849-1963

Saint Matthew's Infants' School, 1857-1963

Drawn by John Clifford Jones from his own water-colours (see 130.1 -3)


Illustrations of the Article on Tramways (see 1.586 and 1.589)


Drawings of Barrows used in the Clay Industry

by James Bentley (see 1.589 and 1.590)


Ithel Bach (c.1320-1389?) (see 79.4)

by Ken Lloyd Gruffydd


Gregory "Pop" Bottles

Photograph provided by Harold G. Gregory (not reproduced)




Old Buckley Tramways by James Bentley (see 1.322)

The Manor of Ewloe by Ken Lloyd Gruffydd (see 79.3)

The Buckley Brickworks by George Lewis (see 129.2)




Twelve months ago the Buckley Society, an organisation which was originally formed at Hawkesbury Community Centre in 1946, was revived. Its object is to bring together all those many Buckley people and others who are interested in the past, present or future of the town.


We have had a very successful year. In June last year we organised an Exhibition at Hawkesbury which attracted over a thousand visitors, who were very appreciative of all they saw. It included paintings and other works of art contributed by local artists, and it is is pleasing to note that since then they have formed - dare one say, remembering another old Hawkesbury

organisation, re-formed - an Art Club.


The Society holds its meetings once a month, always on the first Friday in the month, at 7.30 p.m. During the session we have had a varied and interesting series of lectures on Buckley past and present .


One of our aims is to save what remains of Buckley's history from being lost for ever; that is, we are concerned to collect information about documents, photographs, maps, pottery, old memories - indeed, anything which may serve as a record of Buckley history.


This magazine is intended to provide the means of publishing work on Buckley, and articles will be welcomed for future issues. It may be that the magazine will be able to publish literary work, poems and short stories, essays and articles; and we invite Buckley artists who have work suitable for reproduction to contribute. The present issue includes lectures which were given

to the Society during the past year and we hope you will agree that they are well worth putting into this more permanent form. Correspondence arising out of them will be appreciated .


Why not join the Society? The subscription is low, 5s a year. The officials of the Society will be pleased to provide any information. They are: President, Mr Charles Duckworth; Secretary, Mr Colin Jones; Treasurer, Mr Darrell Catherall; Publicity Officer, Mr James Bentley; Editor(& Printer) Mr J.E.Messham.




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