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Buckley Society Magazine Issue Two: Old Buckley Tramways Part Two by James Bentley: Plan of Tramway"

Butcher's Hill, Buckley

July 1971

Buckley Society Magazine Issue Two, July 1971

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Old Buckley Tramways Part Two



Plan of Tramway excavations at Butcher's Hill

Carried out by James Bentley

1969 & 1970


1. Remains of bridge

2. Mass of debris

3. Detached L tram line

4. Bedded sleepers with 1 pair of nails

5. Bedded sleeper with 2 pairs of nails

6. Triangular area of brick setts

7. Rectangular groove, 42" from No.8

8. Rectangular groove with L tram rail

9. Terminal sleeper across inner groove

10. Sections of wood sleepers with L rail attached on one side.

These sleepers are oblique to allow for water drainage.

11. Clay drainpipe in hillside

12. Sleepers sunk in alluvium

13. Small piece of rail

14. Three 12" tiles embedded in mud

15. Hog-back ridge of sandy subsoil requiring investigation as possible tunnel skeleton



Author: Bentley, James


Year = 1971

Month = July

Document = Journal

Landscape = Industrial

Transport = Streetcar

Work = Transport

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