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The Standard Landfill Site"

Standard Landfill Site, Spencer's Industrial Estate, Globe Way, Drury

June 2004

{In early September 2003, the 25-acre landfill site was closed after about twenty years. The site traffic was about a hundred lorries a day and many complaints has been received from locals concerning the amount of traffic, flies, vermin and smells. The company, AD Waste, had minimised the effects as much as possible. Over a million cubic metres of household waste and a quantity of non-toxic commercial waste had been dumped there. Work was planned for the Autumn of 2003 to start landscaping with topsoil and planting, though most of the work was to be carried out from Spring 2004. Eventually it is due to become a public space, linked to Etna Park.}


This was taken from the football ground car park. The tip had recently closed and work had commenced to convert the site to a conservation area.


From the top of Etna during 2003/2004 it was a bulldozers- and crane-spotters' delight. Look one way and there was much feverish activity as rubbish was dumped in a continuous stream into Brookhill; look the other and the now-full Standard site was busy with tonka toys lowering and modelling the mounds of our offcasts in readiness for its future life as a beauty spot. And all this from the highest spot in Buckley, itself made from rubbish.

Author: Shone, Carol


Year = 2004

Month = June

Landscape = Urban

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = 2000s

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