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The Six Swans' Eggs all Ready to Hatch"

Trap Pool, Middle Common, Buckley

May 2004

96.17 (with the account below) - 96.22 tell the story of the swans which arrived at the Trap Pool for the first time in over thirty years. See also 5.133, 101.1, 101.8, 101.9 and 101.12 for other images following the various species of bird as they attempted to rear young over summer 2004 on the Trap Pool.


In 2005, eggs were laid in the same place and were incubated until 16th May. On 27th May, I saw the swans in the water by the nest area and the eggs were all gone. One of them was making a soft, repetative call while slowly circling in the water. I was later told that in all probability vandals had destroyed the eggs as a goup of youths had been warned off the area by fishermen when they had been discovered meddling with the gate leading onto the nest area.


How many people were waiting expectantly for the swans' eggs to hatch it was difficult to say, but just about everyone I met while dog walking on the Middle Common were keeping watch for developments.


The cygnets were born on 12th May 2004. Five out of the six eggs had hatched by 3.30 p.m. that day.


On 16th May 2004 early in the afternoon, I saw the five tiny cygnets leave the nest area and follow their mother into the water. They were more relaxed about having people staring at them. The cob was called over to join in the expedition. At 4.15 p.m. the pen called them back onto the island. Four of them did as they were told but the fifth decided to follow Dad under the bridge. The others saw another adventure in the making and off they went too, following under the bridge, leaving the pen on the island a bit nonplussed.


21st May - Still five cygnets at 4.30 p.m.

22nd May - Only three seen at 6 p.m. Very soon after this there was only one left, and this one was taken to a sanctuary as it was not fairing well. The others, it seems, had been taken possibly by fox or the large fish in the pool.

Author: Shone, Carol


Year = 2004

Month = May

Event = Family

Landscape = Urban

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