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Leonard Davies' Bakery"

94, Brunswick Road, Buckley


Mr Leonard Davies was born in Buckley in 1893. He trained as a baker with Green and Padgett's bakery before opening his own business at 94, Brunswick Road after his marriage to Hilda in the early 1920s. The business was very successful despite there being several other bakeries in Buckley, such as Green and Padgett's, Griffiths', Stevenson's, Roberts' and Balshaw's. The business consisted of a house and shop with a large outbuilding at the rear, housing mixers, workbenches, a trough of water and coal ovens for baking. Mr Davies, his son and, at one time, his grandson all worked there.


Van deliveries of breads and cakes were made to many houses in Buckley, Drury and Alltami. The bakery often catered for weddings at such venues as Lane End Parish Rooms and also the garden of the Baptist Church. Mr Davies always decorated the cakes, but often they were baked by his son.


The popularity of sliced bread resulted in the closure of the bakery because Mr Davies refused to purchase the necessary machinery to compete. He received many requests to remain open but closed the premises in approximately 1960. He found emloyment at the aircraft factory in Broughton and used to live in Brunswick Road, until his death in 1962.


Author: Evans, Christine


Year = 1935

Building = Commercial

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Food

Extra = 1930s

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