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Delivery sheet for The Bridge Inn from the Chester Northgate Brewery Co. Ltd."

Bridge Inn Publc House, Padeswood

5 January 1924

An archive of delivery notes, monthly invoices and receipts for the year 1924 for The Bridge Inn shows the information noted below.




The Chester Northgate Brewery Co. Ltd, Northgate Street, Chester

Sold to Mr B Griffiths, Bridge Inn, Padeswood


5th January 1924.


2 Brls XX 88/- 8.16.0 Beer

4 Doz 1/2 pts Nour Stout 4/6 18.0 B. Beers

4 Doz bottles Bottles 1/- 4.0 Jars, Bottles & Cases

2 Cases Cases 2/6 5.0 "

3 Jars Jars 2/- 6.0 "

1/2 gall Rum 61/3 1.10.8 Spirits &c.

1/2 gall Gin 61/3 1.10.8 "

1/2 gall Fr Brandy 90/0 2.5.0 "

2 Bots White label 11/9 1/2 1.3.7 "


Total £16.18.11


Casks and bottles are vessels to carry beer, not measures, but care is taken that they contain not less than their reputed quantities.


NB. Nour = Nourishing


In addition to the above, the pub also took orders for: Guinness, Bass, Irish Whiskey, Teachers, and port. Not a sherry nor a spritzer in sight - no, nor a woman either, I'll be bound!!


Receipts from January April and June to October:-

Jan - £38.18.09

Feb- £28.04.01

Mar- £32.05.05 (includes £4.15.00 rent)

Apr- £44.19.06

Jun- £73.08.06 (plus £4.15.00 rent) - two month's?

Jul- £33.14.03

Aug- £41.00.03

Sep- £38.08.06 (plus £4.15.00 rent)

Oct- £43.09.08


Benjamin Griffiths ran the pub from 1890s to about 1927, when he went to The King's Head in Broughton. He used to add Guinness to the mild and called it Best Mild. He put lemonade into the bitter to make it sparkle and called it Best Bitter. There was no running water in the building; rain water was used for washing. The water was carried from the pump in the dingle. The "pots" would be taken to the pump in the morning on a sledge and picked up by the children on the way back from school.



Author: Chester Northgate Brewery Co. Ltd.


Year = 1924

Month = January

Day = 5

Building = Commercial

Document = Ephemera

Extra = 1920s

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