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Death Certificate of Jane Owens"

Ty Isa, Meg's Lane, Buckley


see 42.20 for family tree

note discrepany of year of death between this certificate and the gravestone (42.92). The error is on the certificate.




Number: 165

When and where died: Twelfth June 1893; Meg's Lane, Buckley, R.S.D. Mold

Name and Surname: Jane Owens

Sex: Female

Age: 65 years

Occupation: Wife of Edward Owens, a blacksmith journeyman

Cause of death: Accute Bright's Disease; Pneumonia; Certified by J. Williams,


Signature, description and residence of informant: Jane Wallwork, daughter, present at

the death. 57, Chief Street, Oldham

When registered: Thirteenth June

Signature of registrar: Rupt. Prince


Certified to be a true copy of an entry in a register in my custody: B. Hughes

19th December 1990


see 42.78 for the account of the journey to Oldham on the pennyfarthing. It was to visit Jane Wallwork who was his sister.


Author: Anon


Year = 1893

Document = Genealogy

Event = Funeral

Gender = Female

People = Single

Extra = Pre 1900

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