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Colin Spencer and his puppet, Sydney at a Buckley Society Christmas social"

Hawkesbury Community Centre, Mill Lane, Buckley

7 December 2002

The Buckley Society has a series of talk and events each year from October to May on the first Friday of the month at Hawkesbury Community Centre. At the meeting before Christmas, something more light-hearted is usually on offer. This time Colin Spencer entertained a room full of people with his clever ventriloquism. He had various superb puppets, including Adrian, the baby, and Sydney, who was actually the boss!


Colin and his wife had been for many years children's entertainers and in December 2001, they had provided an evening of the History of Punch and Judy, ending in a traditional show which everyone enjoyed.


In December 2003, he gave a talk, "Fifty years of Fun" about his time in the entertainment business.

Author: Anon


Year = 2002

Month = December

Day = 7

Event = Social/Entertainment

Gender = Male

People = Single

Extra = Entertainment

Extra = 2000s

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