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Standard (Buckley) Ltd. Catalogue: title pages"

Standard Brick and Pipe Works, Drury


The catalogue contains 66 pages covering:

Contents; Alphabetical Index; Numerical Index; British Standard Specification for Salt Glazed Ware Pipes and Fittings (B.S. 65 : 1952) - see 74.49

The catalogue has a green hardback cover not reproduced as the gold print is very worn:


Standard (Buckley) Ltd.

Buckley, Flintshire


Herbert Heaton (Clayware) Ltd.

Coed Talon Nr. Mold, Flintshire


Stoneware Drainage Specialists}





STANDARD (Buckley) Ltd


Herbert Heaton (Clayware)Ltd.

North Wales Works

of The Hepworth Group


Entered at Stationers Hall

Fifth Edition

Reprint 1961


Salt Glazed Stoneware Drain Pipes and Fittings

Salt Glazed Stoneware Electrical Conduits



Registered Trademarks


Registered Offices and Works:


Buckley, Flintshire

Telephone: 301 and 302

Telegrams: Standard, Buckley 30


Coed Talon, Mold, Flintshire

Telephone: Pontybodkin 266 and 388

Telegrams: Pontybodkin 266


The items listed and illustrated in this catalogue are the same or similar to those in the 1938 catalogue, detailed on the archive. See 74.1 - 74.47. The catalogues follow more or less the same order, showing a remarkable consistency of format for two documents thirty-three years apart.

These are:

Stoneware Pipe Joints 74.11

Hassall's Pipe Joints 74.12

Stoneware Pipes and Junctions, Tumbling-Bay Junctions, Double Junctions 74.15

Stoneware Pipe Fittings, Flap Valves 74.16, 74.17

Rust Pockets, Sink Bends, Rest Bends 74.19

Half Section Channel Bends 74.21

Three-Quarter Section Channel Bends 74.22

Channel Pipes and Channel Junctions (called Half Section Pipes and Junctions) 74.20

Rain Water Shoes 74.23

Inspection and AccessBends, Pipes and Junctions 74.24

Interceptors 74.27, 74.28

Square Gullies, D.A.D. Traps 74.29, 74.30, 74.31

Gullies and Traps 74.32

Reversible Gullies and Hoppers 74.33, 74.34 ( Risers instead of Hoppers)

Anti-flood Gullies 74.39

Grease Traps, Dishstones 74.40, 74.41

Round Street Gullies 74.43

Cattle and Pig Troughs 74.44

Ministry of Works Patterns Curved Channel Bends 74.35

Ministry of Works Patterns Reversible Top Gulley 74.36

Ministry of Works Patterns Rain-Water Shoes, and Traps 74.37, 74.38

Cast Iron Grates 74.47






Author: Standard Brick and Pipe Works


Year = 1961

Building = Industrial

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = 1960s

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