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Buckley advert in local paper"

114, Brunswick Road, Buckley




Albert Lewis

Brunswick Road, Buckley

announces the opening

of his new modern

Ladies' and Children's

Hair Styling Salon


114, Brunswick Road, Buckley

Tel: 475

(previously Kenneth Jones)


Permanent Waving, Machineless 25/- to 35/-

Cold Permanent Waving 30/- to 3 gns

Reconditioning, Shampoo and Set 12/6

Shampoo and Set 6/6

Color Glow Shampoo and Set 12/6

Razor Cutting 3/6

Trim 2/6

Children's trim 2/-

Friction 3/6

Bleaching and Tinting as required


We advise you to make an appointment

but casual callers are welcome


The salon was opened yesterday (Thursday)

Author: Lewis, Albert


Year = 1961

Building = Commercial

Document = Ephemera

Work = Shops

Extra = 1960s

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