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Cover of 'Standard Works (Buckley) Ltd. Catalogue of Stoneware Drainage Specialities'"

Standard Brick and Pipe Works, Drury

November 1938

The contents of the catalogue are entered on the archive with the exception of pages 50 -55, which contain four pages of the red terra cotta ware ("from Ruabon District marl beds by our subsidiary company") made at Wrexham Brick and Tile Co, and the indexes and telephone numbers of the two works.





(Buckley) Ltd.

Buckley - Chester

Telephones - Buckley 301 and 302

Telegrams - Standard, Buckley 301

Catalogue of Stoneware

Drainage Specialities



Author: Standard Brick and Pipe Works


Year = 1938

Month = November

Building = Industrial

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = 1930s

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