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'Cistercian' Ware pottery drinking vessels, tygs, on display at Birkenhead Priory"

Priory, Birkenhead

26 June 2004

On June 26th 2004, the about twenty members of the Buckley Society took a trip to Birkenhead where we visited the Wirral Museum at the Town Hall in Hamilton Square, the Birkenhead and Wirral Bus and Tram Heritage Centre, the Shore Road Pumping Station and, finally, the Priory and Saint Mary's Tower. While looking around the museum at the Priory, we noticed two references to items possibly made at Buckley. It would have been very probable that the monks would have obtained and used pottery from Buckley as it was so close.




"Cistercian" Ware Drinking Vessels


Brown-glazed orange-brown pottery mugs or "tygs" used at the Priory between 1500 and 1536. So called because examples were first found on the site (of) a Cistercian monastery in Yorkshire. They were probably made locally at a pottery in north Cheshire, Merseyside or Clwyd.


Three different types can be identified here:

i) wide mouth, two handles, large foot

ii) wide mouth, three handles, large foot, decorative clay bosses

iii) barrel-shaped, three handles


(with thanks to the Wirral Museums Service for permission to include this information)

Author: Wirral Museums Service


Year = 2004

Month = June

Day = 26

Building = Religious

Event = Social/Entertainment

Object = Containers

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