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29 April 1952

The archive team was given the minute book from 17th September 1948 to 20th February 1953. The minutes have been split into years and added to a programme from that year on the archive. As there is no programme for the year 1952-53, the minutes for that year are appended at the end of this entry. See under the author section of the reminiscence field under the above author for the other sets of minutes.


Session 1951-52

A Meeting of the committee was held on Tuesday 18th Sept. 1951

Present: Mr.G.Williams Chairman, Mr.T.Roberts, Mr.A.Probert, A.Astbury, H.Griffiths, F.Iball, G.Tarran, Mr.W.Inch, E.Cropper and Miss G.V.Jones.

Apologies for absence were received from Mr.A.Astbury, Miss W.Spencer.

1: The minutes of the last general meeting were read and Mr.H.Griffiths proposed seconded by Mr.A.Probert that these be a true statement.

2: Financial statement. This had not been finally agreed but would be read at a later meeting.

3: Officials. Mr.G.Williams said that he would like to give up his position of chairman this session as he felt it was time that he gave way for someone else. After several members had spoken of the excellent way Mr.Williams had discharged his duties as chairman Mr.T.Roberts proposed and Mr.A.Probert seconded that this position be left open until the next meeting. It was then proposed by Mr.A.Astbury seconded by Miss E.Cropper that the rest of the officials be re-elected en bloc and this was carried unanimously. Mr.G.Tarran mentioned that we should have more young members of the society on the committed and it was agreed that this would be brought up at practice.

Work for Session: Mr.T.Roberts said that he felt it was time to try out something new to the present choir and this was Mendelsohns Hymn of Praise together with a further light work which could be considered later. After a free discussion on other works it was then proposed by M.A.Astbury and seconded by Mr.A.Probert that we have Hymn of Praise and this was carried.

Rehearsals: The first night will be Friday 5th Oct. and at a further two practices a ballot would be taken to see whether Thursday or Friday would be the most suitable. It was agreed that we should have 20 posters printed naming the Work and the date for commencing the session. A further meeting of the committee would be announced at practice. This concluded the business.

Three short meeting of the committee were held after practice on 21/3, 28/3 and 4/4/52 to make arrangements for the Annual Concert, for which the date was agreed to be Tuesday 29th April. After a series of discussions about artists the following were selected. Soprano: Miss Jennifer Vyvyan, Tenor: Mr.Eric Greene, Bass: Mr.Arthur Copley, Organist Mr.Alfred Taberer. Mr.T.Roberts said that owing to difficulties in getting music for the second half of the concert he would suggest that we took the first part of Elijah and this was carried. The price of admission by ticket was agreed to be 3/6. Mr.Roberts said he had sent adverts to the Leader and Chester Chronicle and also ordered the tickets and programmes from Mr.E.Cropper. He said he would also make an application to the Trustees for the loan of the Tabernacle. The Secretary said he would apply to the Tax office for exemption from Entertainment Duty.


Session 1952-53

A meeting of the committee was held on Friday 10th Oct. 1952.

Present: Mr.T.Roberts, Mr.A.Astbury, H.Griffiths, A.Probert, G.Tarran, Mrs.E.Cropper, Mrs.Inch, Miss G.V.Jones, Miss W.Spencer.

A letter of apology was received from Mr.G.Williams.

Mr.T.Roberts took the chair and said that as far as he could see the work he had in mind was Merrie England as 1953 would be Coronation Year and it would be most appropriate. This was discussed at length and Mr.A.Astbury proposed seconded by Miss G.V.Jones that we should have Merrie England. This was carried unanimously. As regards a suitable place to hold the concert in, this was left for later discussion.

Commencing Rehearsals. It was agreed these should start on Friday 24th Oct. and Mr.T.Roberts undertook to see about window bills. This concluded the business.


A short meeting of the committee was held on Friday 20th Feb. and also on Friday 27th Feb. to discuss where we should hold the concert since the Tabernacle would not be suitable. It was finally agreed that Mr.T.Roberts would see the Director of Education about Hawkesbury School Hall, as to whether it would be available and Mr.G.Tarran would approach the manager of the Tivoli.

Note: The above was carried out and Mr.T.Roberts and G.Tarran had a conference with the management of the Tivoli on Wednesday 4th March about terms etc. and these were finally agreed to at approx. 1/3 of the taking and not less that £35. The date finally agreed for the concert was Wednesday 6th May.


Author: Buckley Choral Society Committee


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