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Buckley Potteries Walk leaflet: referring to number 20"

Saint John's United Reformed Church, Buckley


Many details have changed in Buckley's landscape since this leaflet was published

see 17.56 for the cover, 17.57 for the map and 17.58 - 17.66 for the rest of the illustrations and numbered text.


14.On to the Alltami road to the site of Taylor's Pottery, which lies on the south side of the road. Buildings of the pottery show up as bumps in the field - a flat circular platform marks the site of one of the kilns, the base of which was used until fairly recently as a pig sty. The potter's house, know known as 'White House' is another typical pottery dwelling.


15.Turning south again, hummocks under the heather covered common land are all that remain of the John Lewis Junior's Pottery, which was working in the 19th century.


16.Round into Pentre Lane the premises of Wolsey Holdings Ltd. and James Lithgow {UK} Ltd. incorporate many of the buildings of the late 19th century Powell's Pottery which later became the Ewloe Pottery. The kiln lies under the concrete of the present courtyard. (August 2004 - the site is being prepared for housing)


17.Stopping on the common, a number of small enclosures mark the site of Whitely's Pottery. We know of this pottery from old documents, but not a single building remains. The original Congregational church is reputed to be made of the clay from this site.


18.Hawkesbury House, now the Hawkesbury Community Centre was built by John Catherall II when he moved from the 'Hope and Anchor'. The size of the house gives some idea of the status of the potter.

A museum of industrial relics can be seen in the adjacent Elfed School upon application to the Headmaster. (2004 - the status of this collection is unclear)


19.Playing fields behind the school recently disturbed the waster heaps of Charles Price's Pottery, the kilns of which were destroyed about 20 years ago.


20.Finally in the churchyard of the Congregational Church we see the unusual memorial set up by Jonathan Catherall and the graves of himself, his family and those of other Buckley potters. Here, at their rest, we must leave them.



Author: Buckley Clay Industries Committee


Year = 1976

Building = Religious

Document = Map

Extra = 1970s

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