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Buckley Potteries Walk leaflet: referring to numbers 11 and 12"

Brookhill, Buckley


Many details have changed in Buckley's landscape since this leaflet was published

see 17.56 for the cover, 17.57 for the map and 17.58 - 17.64 and 17.66 - 17.67 for the rest of the illustrations and numbered text. Drawing by James Bentley.


10.On the rough ground east of the Pinfold we come to the site of Benjamin Davies' Pottery {1781}. Today no trace of its building remains.


11-12. The site of two more potteries lie just off the main trail and on private land. These are the Brookhill Pottery and Benjamin Cottrel's Pottery in Pinfold Lane. Recent excavations have uncovered foundations of pottery buildings, many fragments of 17th and 18th century pottery and evidence of clay pipe making.



Author: Buckley Clay Industries Committee


Year = 1876

Document = Map

Landscape = Urban

Object = Recreation

Work = Light Industry

Extra = Pre 1900

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