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Buckley Potteries Walk leaflet: referring to number 8"

Fey Hills, Middle Common, Buckley


Many details have changed in Buckley's landscape since this leaflet was published

see 17.56 for the cover, 17.57 for the map and 17.58 - 17.62 and 17.64 - 17.67 for the rest of the illustrations and numbered text. Drawing by James Bentley.


7.At the junction of Church Road and Liverpool Road we find the site of Lamb's Pottery. The potter's cottage still stands by the corner adjacent to the petrol pumps. The kilns stood on the other side of the road.


8.Crossing Liverpool Road we come to the Hope and Anchor public house, the home of the Catherall family until 1800, when they moved to Hawkesbury House to avoid the obnoxious smell of the pottery. A row of 19th century worker's cottages stands across the road. (2004 - a complex of bungalows has been built opposite the pub) The kilns and pottery sheds, now demolished, stood in the grass-covered field beyond. Note the clinker in nearby walls.




Author: Buckley Clay Industries Committee


Year = 1976

Document = Map

Landscape = Urban

Extra = 1970s

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