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May Rowlands' 100th birthday"

23 May 1995

Mrs May Rowlands (nee Jackson) was born in Kinnerton and had lived in Buckley for 70 years. She had four children, eight grandchildren, and fourteen great-grandchildren. My father, Daniel, used to work at the Ewloe place Co-op and died in 1947. She lived at the Trap and moved to the Belmont Crescent council houses in 1928. They were built in 1927. I was born in 1930 and have lived in Belmont Crescent all my life.


When young, she worked in service in London for William Gladstone's daughter. She could remember the Zeppelins coming over the city in the Great War and this was why she returned home. She enjoyed her time in London and she was treated well. The Gladstone family had a house in Romney Marshes and she could see the lights on the coast of France from there.

Author: Rowlands, Trevor


Year = 1995

Month = May

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