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Invoice from O. Hugh Davies' Builders' Merchants for bungalow at The Willow"

Mold Road, Buckley

28 November 1954

see also 4.4,4.5,4.7, 21.44 for documents relating to this bungalow.


The invoice was for articles for a new bungalow on The Willow.

Harold Stanley was a sleeping partner in O. Hugh Davies' business, which was on Mold Road and occupied the Hibbert's Corner block. He was my father-in-law and had the bungalow built for my wife and me on our marriage.


Tom Hibbert built the Albert Hall and the current buildings at Hibbert's Corner after the demolition of the cottages which stood on that site. O. Hugh Davies was the trade name of the builders' merchants run by Tom Hibbert.




From: O. Hugh Davies

(Builders' Merchants) Ltd.

Buckley and Holywell

North wales

Tel: Buckley 247

Holywell: 124

Date 28.11.54

Mr H. Stanley (Director)

The Willow, Buckley



1 - 7" Metal Fire Shovel @ 2/3 each 2.3

1 - Coconut mat @ 7/6 each 7.6

Nett cost 9.9


Destination: Ex. yard

Your official order no: Verbal

Delivery per: self


Other invoices for the bungalow included:

1 - electric kettle element @ 18/-

1 - fireside set £ 2.6.10 - including tax at 25% and postage

Author: Hughes, Emrys


Year = 1954

Month = November

Day = 28

Building = Domestic

Document = Ephemera

Extra = 1950s

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