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Thomas Lindop's County of Flint Roll of Honour for WWI"

66, Chester Road, Buckley


see 62.2 for the book from which this is reproduced:

"LINDOP: a family history Vol. 2" by John B Lindop


See 287.2 for another Roll of Honour for Wilfred Lamb in colour.


CERTIFICATE TEXT for Thomas Lindop


County of Flint Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Honour and Remember the Dead

Honour and Welcome the Living

To 542299 Private T Lindop Royal Engineers 66 Chester Rd. Buckley

[Son of Thomas Lindop]

On behalf of the people of Flintshire I am requested as Lord Lieutenant to express to all County men who served in H.M. Forces during the War our intense appreciation of their steadfast devotion to duty, their great sacrifices, and their brilliant achievements in the field.

Wales bore her full share in the War. Her sons earned imperishable distinction, and we are proud to know that in the supply of men the contribution of Flintshire was exceptionally fine.

To every individual who responded to the call of duty at the greatest crisis in the history of the Nation, we give our deep and abiding thanks, especially to those who are suffering or will suffer permanently from wounds received or illness contracted during the war. Our debt cannot be paid in words, but we wish you to know what is in the mind of every one of us. Therefore to you individually in commemoration of Flintshire's pride and gratitude I send this address as a record for preservation in your family for generations to come.

May the victorious deeds of our sailors and soldiers bring peace and goodwill among all nations.

Hawarden Castle, 19th July 1919. Henry N Gladstone

H.M. Lieutenant for the County of Flint.



Author: Lindop, John B


Year = 1919

Document = Certificate

Event = Historic

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Military

Extra = Military

Extra = WW1

Extra = 1910s

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